What to Look for in the Perfect Custom RV Mattress for You

by | Jul 28, 2016

What to Look for in the Perfect Custom RV Mattress for YouRV lifestyle is a dream for many, and they are literally endless things for you to love about it. While enjoying the venture on the road, you should also stick to your perfect sleep schedule too. Therefore, choosing the perfect custom RV mattress is very important.

Understanding that RV Mattresses are Different:

Sometimes, choosing RV mattresses can be very tough. That’s because these mattresses are available in different sizes, fit, shape, and only offered by a handful number of specialist mattress manufacturers. Many RV owners accept the fact that not all RV mattresses fit snugly into their RV bed frames. This is because most RV bed frames are curved with angled corners. 

Customize Your RV Mattress:

Alternatively, buyers can opt for a custom-made RV mattress and find a perfect and a plush mattress for their restful sleep. Choices of custom RV mattresses include all types for various RV bed frames , including travel trailers, 5th wheel trailers, motor coaches, and truck campers. Buyers will have to give the mattress designer the exact measurements and specifications. Based on that, they will craft the perfect RV mattress for you.

How to Custom Design Your Mattress?

The first step to custom design your mattress starts with the measurement. You need to take a width measurement from the inside of the mattress area from one end to the outer edge. Again, you will need the measurements from the top to bottom too. If you have height restrictions, check the height vertically to know the point you would want the mattress to reach. Once you have the dimensions and accurate measurements, you can proceed with the custom mattress order. 

Another important aspect of ordering a custom RV mattress is its foundation. After all, a good foundation is the main support of your mattress. In case your existing RV bed frame has an odd shape, you can let the mattress designers know that too. 

Choose the Best Materials for Your Custom Mattress

The last and the most important thing you need to consider while ordering a custom mattress is the material. Choose the highest grade mattress cover, mattress top and the filling materials. This is to ensure that you are getting the perfect fit, most comfortable and suitable mattress for your restful sleep during your travels.

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