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Locally Owned & Operated Since 1976

At Sleep Boutique, we do things differently. In fact, we’re kind of the opposite of most mattresses stores you’ve probably checked out.

Sleep Boutique is a locally-owned and operated custom mattress store based in Calgary, Alberta. We’ve been designing and building mattresses over 40 years (since 1976). We have extensive product knowledge; we know what materials perform the best and how to fit someone into the right mattress. We design and manufacture made-to-order mattresses for both residential and commercial clients.

Fantastic store to purchase a mattress from. Here, you are paying for premium materials and ultimately a more comfortable mattress, rather than advertising and a name, as you would with one of the big name brands. Still loving my bed purchased from here 3 years ago.

I stopped in today to pick up some moving bags for the mattress layers. They asked how I liked my bed. I told them I was really liking it, and was told to come back if I ever had problems. That’s customer service! No hesitation recommending Sleep Boutique to anybody looking for a new mattress.


My wife and I had a great experience at the Sleep Boutique. Colin and his staff were excellent in ensuring we had the right bed for us. They were available to meet us when it suited our schedule, and were able to build us a custom mattress within our budget.

I had some issues adjusting to the specifications on my side of the mattress, so after a few weeks, I let Colin know. He didn’t hesitate in offering me a different density of foam, and I went in and swapped it out. We love our mattress from the Sleep Boutique, and recommend it over the big box stores for its customer service, mattress customization, and anticipated lifespan of the mattress.


We just recently purchased our second mattress from Sleep Boutique and couldn’t be happier! We thought our first mattress was pretty awesome, but this is by far, the best mattress we have ever owned. The customer service was second to none and the show room was immaculate. Even with Covid protocols, we felt completely comfortable trying out different mattresses. We also purchased a mattress for our daughter and she loves hers as well. We will be going back soon to get one for our son!


We spend whatever amount of time it takes to fit you into the right mattress, before and after the sale. No matter what.

Colin Crump

Our Mission & Values

Too often, mattress suppliers give standardized options to non-standard sleep issues, or pressure people to buy stocked mattresses that cannot be flipped or maintained, and thus have a short lifespan.

At Sleep Boutique, our mission is to provide a mattress that is built exactly to your needs, at a level of quality that can be maintained for a lifetime of use.

Your first Experience With Us

Inform the customer

We want you to understand your mattress’ construction – to be fully confident in the materials used and the construction.

Carefully assess your sleep habits

We always hope that you will become a lifetime customer, so we take the time to learn what your sleep needs really are. The more we learn, the better mattress solution we can give.

No sales pressure

Our salespeople are non-commissioned; they are essentially mattress consultants who are looking to tailor the product to you, not trying to get rid of stock on the floor, because we in fact do not sell stock products.

We think like a service, not a product business

Although we’re selling goods, we think like a service business because each customer gets an experience, and the product is a result of that experience. We always start with the customers’ needs, and then tailor to that, rather than persuading them to buy what we’ve already produced. Each product is made to order.

Your Dream Mattress Experience

Quality materials, well purchased

The average customer may not be aware that there are various grades of foams. We’ve noted that the biggest competitors will not use real latex foam (memory foam is a lower quality substitute); so, in fact, it turns out that we actually buy just as much volume of latex as the big chains. This means for quality mattresses, we are very competitive.

We make the factory accessible

We believe that people ought to be able to come into the shop to see their mattresses being built, and we enjoy the atmosphere of a small business. If you’re in Calgary, we’d love to see you and give you a tour.

Custom built, but not slowly

Using a small manufacturing setup doesn’t mean we don’t want to be prompt and efficient. We use the most modern shop tools to save time and achieve consistency, to reduce costs. We don’t aim to be needlessly expensive.

Perfect Sleep Guarantee

Satisfaction guaranteed

If something needs adjusting after you get your new mattress home, let us know and we’ll make it right. Or we’ll return your money.

*Please see our Perfect Sleep Guarantee, Warranty and Return Policy under Support FAQ’s*

build your dream mattress

Here to help you build your dream mattress.

If something needs adjusting after you get your new mattress home, let us know and we’ll make it right. Or we’ll return your money.