Couch / Sofa Cushion Foam

Sagging couch or sofa? Do you feel like you are slouching when watching your favourite program. If it’s time for new foam, we cut foam to custom sizes for any couch, chair or sofa cushion. We can also add a polyester wrap and stuff as required.

Foams come in different densities and levels of firmness. A firmer type of foam is recommended for couches and sofas. We can help you choose between medium, medium/firm, firm or extra firm.

We recommend either 2Lb. to 3Lb HR foam foam for most applications. We also cut foams for bench cushions. Typically a 2 pound foam will last 4-8 years if it is your regular seat. The 3 pound HR foams typically last 10 plus years.

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Fast facts about foam

  • Density of foam equates to weight of foam
  • For sofa cushions, we recommend a 2 lb or higher density foam
  • We also carry High Resiliency (HR) foams that will last longer