Mattress Materials

Mattresses are comprised of three basic components:

Support Structure

Talalay Latex Mattress

Latex and Foams

Foam and Latex creates its own structure when secured by the outer layers (which we zipper so components can be replaced.) We use many kinds of HD and HR foams along with blended and Natural Talalay and all natural Dunlop latex.

Bonnell Coil

Bonell Coil

These are a traditional style of coil, all connected into one coil structure. They are very strong, but tend to transfer some motion when more than one person is in a bed.

Pocket Coil

Pocket Coil

Pocket coils are a premium type of coil that still gives the lively feel of coil, while limiting the motion transfer. At Sleep Boutique, carry two different types depending on the support you need. In addition, we place supports around the edge, so that it is more comfortable to sit on the edge of your bed, and there is less roll-off when laying on the bed.

Top Layer Options

Top layers are added over the structure to create comfort, and can be adjusted to dramatically vary the firmness and feel of the mattress. They can also be flipped and replaced to give your mattress a lifetime of use. In fact, at Sleep Boutique we use multiple top layers: the first can affect the overall firmness in various sections, such as right and left of mattress for couples.

As well we can adjust the toppers shoulder, torso and foot area. This helps us create softer areas that accommodate pain points of the sleeper. We also can give advice on which materials breath the best for optimal temperature regulation.

Organic Dunlop Latex


Latex comes in various densities to adjust firmness around the mattress. Latex is an all-natural product produced from the sap of a rubber tree. It is naturally cool and breathable, and gives no chemical off-gassing. It is also dense and durable in the long term.
Organic Dunlop Latex


This comes from New Zealand sheep, and has a certain crimping/compression quality that gives great temperature regulating qualities, with natural feeling comfort. It tends to be quite dense, but it creates a very natural top layer.
Health Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress Topper | Sleep Boutique


Also known as visco elastic, this is a high-quality foam that can be very solid and dense, or lighter, to adjust the firmness of the mattress. It is often promoted by big-box stores in their top end products. It is great for pressure point relief and contouring, but can be warm and harder to move on.
Sleep Boutique


We carry a large variety of foams that come in different densities and firmnesses. We utilize the higher grade foams in most models, but will use mid range for RVs, Guest Beds, and Kids beds. All our foam is Made in Canada or the USA.


Exterior fabrics affect the outer texture of the mattress and its visual aesthetic. They can woven and knitted and come in different weights. We then will quilt to various materials including JOMA wool, Polyester, and Foam. They are potentially replaceable. We have many options here as well, including:

Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo Blends

We use ultra-soft bamboo fabric blended with polyester to create a natural feel while maintaining strength. Two weights are available it does have a little stretch which helps with contouring. We carry them in Flat and a variety of Quilted options including JOMA wool.
Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is the ultimate natural-feeling exterior. We carry in flat and quilted to JOMA wool. Very luxurious and breathable.
Organic Cotton

Polyester Blends

We offer blended polyester Woven fabrics and other materials to balance strength with loft. These fabrics are stronger than knits, but don’t stretch. This can make the surface a touch firmer; however, they have great durability characteristics.
Vinyl mattress cover


If you need a strong waterproof mattress that can be wiped clean and ready fast, we’ve got vinyl exterior casing that will do just the job. These are often used in group homes, camps, day cares, nursing homes, and hospitals, and like all our mattresses, can be replaced and built to any size.

Perfect Sleep Guarantee

Satisfaction guaranteed

We’re completely confident in our service and our products. If you’re not sleeping better after the first 120 days on one of our built to order, standard sized mattresses, we’ll fix the problem by making adjustments or exchanging components...

Great personal and personable service. All of the staff are super helpful and really know their stuff. They work with you to create your perfect mattress and will keep working with you to ensure it’s right after your custom mattress is in your home. No buyer’s remorse here!

Great to find a mattress company with such a focus on quality and customer service.

SCHAENE WREGGITT Sleep Boutique Customer

Very happy with the service and expertise of Sleep Boutique. They were helpful in working with our budget and personal sleep preferences in selecting a mattress. It was manufactured within 2 weeks and we’ve been extremely happy with it so far. We’ll definitely be returning to SB in the future.

JOEL Sleep Boutique Customer

Ordered custom size mattress online. Staff was able to explain all available options and provide a solution that best fitted my needs. The mattress was exactly as expected. Delivery was within the time specified (ordered out of Ontario). Happy with the purchase.

SERGIY BONDAR Sleep Boutique Customer