Orchid Collection Modular Mattress

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The best of all worlds – luxury, adjustability and flexibility. All in a mattress that you’ll have for a lifetime because each component is replaceable. Introducing Sleep Boutique’s Orchid Collection Modular Mattress. Available with our Stretch Knit quilted to wool and for a softer Luxury feel our Plush Cover.

Orchid Collection Mattress Models

oversized mattress
We can design the Orchid to fit you in whatever combination you and your partner desire. You won’t get this kind of flexibility at big box retailers. It’s our most functional, flexible and popular mattress.

When we say the Orchid design is flexible, we mean it. The Orchid Modular includes 4 choices of support levels and 7 different Topper components for comfort that can be adjusted if needed. And if your partner has different comfort and support needs, Sleep Boutique offers dual comfort levels — we can build the mattress differently on each side.

With the zipper top, you can Flip, Rotate, and Replace all the Orchid’s components as needed or as your comfort and supports change, including the cover. It’s the last mattress you’ll ever need.

Orchid Collection Pricing

Mattress Size /
Cover Option
Plush Quilted Cover Wool Quilted Cover
$1749 CAD
$1329 USD*
$1799 CAD
$1367 USD*
Twin XL
$1799 CAD
$1367 USD*
$1899 CAD
$1443 USD*
$2199 CAD
$1671 USD*
$2299 CAD
$1747 USD*
$2549 CAD
$1937 USD*
$2649 CAD
$2013 USD*
$3649 CAD
$2773 USD*
$3749 CAD
$2849 USD*
California King
$3649 CAD
$2773 USD*
$3749 CAD
$2849 USD*

* USD display price are approximate due to fluctuating exchange rates. For up to date pricing please visit VonViva.com’s oversized mattress page.

*Delivery is covered in the prices listed. If shipping exceeds our allowances we will let you know before the purchase is finalized. For Canada, regional sales taxes are NOT included in pricing.

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Foundation Pricing

Our foundations come in either one, two or four pieces, depending on your chosen mattress size. We finish the foundations with an upholstery fabric that comes in a variety of color options. The tops have a no-slip fabric, we can also customize the height.

These foundations come with designer solid wood legs that firmly screw into the foundation base. As well, our multi unit foundations come with furniture clips to hold everything together.

Foundation Pricing

Twin (38×75) /
Twin XL (38×80)
California King (72×84)/
Wyoming King (84×84)
$449 CAD
$341 USD*
$539 CAD
$410 USD*
$629 CAD
$478 USD*
$849 CAD
$645 USD*
$899 CAD
$683 USD*

* USD display price are approximate due to fluctuating exchange rates.

*Delivery is covered in the prices listed. If shipping exceeds our allowances we will let you know before the purchase is finalized. For Canada, regional sales taxes are NOT included in pricing.

Mattress Warranty

Our warranties protect you from the date that you receive your product. All our warranties are product dependent, so please check your original invoice.

Spring Mattresses

The majority of our Spring mattresses are completely covered or repaired for the duration of the warranty.

Spring mattresses are covered for broken, loose or depressed coils. Our warranty covers coils or wires that project through the fabric and loose tape edge stitching.

Foam Mattresses

Our warranties protect you from the date you receive your product. All our warranties are product dependent, so please check your original invoice. All our Foam mattress are covered on a pro-rated basis. For example, a $1,000 mattress with a 10 year warranty that has been used for 5 years may mean you receive $500 towards a replacement mattress.

Zip covers are warrantied for 2 years, however shrinkage due to washing is not covered. Only wash flat fabric zip covers, let air dry and put on slightly damp to prevent shrinkage problems.

We warranty our foams for indentations or sagging greater than ¾ inch. All Foam, Latex, and Memory Foam break down and lose resiliency with use. Our warranty covers normal wear. If your foam mattress becomes very soft in certain spots during the warranty, Sleep Boutique will determine if there is a defect with the foam or whether it is normal wear. We can replace worn sections easily; however charges may apply.

All mattresses

Mattress fabrics are covered from normal wear defects for 5 years from the date of purchase. We also cover body indentations or sagging greater than ¾ inch.

To lengthen the life of your mattress, it should be flipped and rotated 4-8 times per year. The more often you flip, the better the longevity.

Please ensure that you use a good foundation along with the proper bed frame. Metal Bed Frames should have at least 3 support bars, with one in the middle. Queens, Doubles and Singles should have 6 legs, while Kings should have 8 legs. Wood Slat Foundations should have at least 5 slats with centre support in, at the minimum, the middle slat.

Sleep Boutique’s warranty does not cover the following:

  • changing comfort preference, as bodies change over time, and what was once comfortable may not be anymore. structural damage incurred from bending or moving a mattress improperly.
  • mattress or foundation damage due to abuse.
  • soiled or stained mattresses may not be covered, as this can damage materials and components within a mattress.
  • body Indentions less than ¾ inch — we can fix any issues, but labour and parts charges may apply.
  • excessive wear — we can replace sections of your mattress if needed; however, we do not cover normal foam breakdown. Depending on the density of foam purchased you should get the specified use indicated in the warranty from your mattress.

We do not cover transportation costs. We will resolve and repair any concerns, however, the item has to be delivered to our workshop.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at 833.244.6288.

Returns / Exchanges

Our mattresses are custom-designed and built specifically for you, therefore we are unable to offer returns; however we can do “Comfort Changes” if we did not get it right. Depending on your concern we can ship you new components to get it right, and then you can ship us back the component not working for you. We cover the cost of materials, but the cost of shipping will be your responsibility.


Production is 3 – 4 weeks, and delivery 1 – 2 weeks, depending on your location. If local, you are also welcome to pick up your mattress. Rush service is also available – please specify when you inquire; click here to Purchase Now. We cover the cost of shipping to most destinations. If the shipping goes over our allowances we will contact you. For customers in the United States we will cover delivery and customs broker charges and give you a price before we build. You or your company will be an importer on record. Shipping is normally curbside drop-off, but white glove delivery may be available in some areas.

Customize With Us

We use a vast array of organic, synthetic and durable materials to make our mattresses. Would you like to get some help refining the right mattress for you, and get a specific quote?

Perfect Sleep Guarantee

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We’re completely confident in our service and our products. If you’re not sleeping better after the first 120 days on one of our built to order, standard sized mattresses, we’ll fix the problem by making adjustments or exchanging components...

Great personal and personable service. All of the staff are super helpful and really know their stuff. They work with you to create your perfect mattress and will keep working with you to ensure it’s right after your custom mattress is in your home. No buyer’s remorse here!

Great to find a mattress company with such a focus on quality and customer service.

SCHAENE WREGGITT Sleep Boutique Customer

Very happy with the service and expertise of Sleep Boutique. They were helpful in working with our budget and personal sleep preferences in selecting a mattress. It was manufactured within 2 weeks and we’ve been extremely happy with it so far. We’ll definitely be returning to SB in the future.

JOEL Sleep Boutique Customer

Ordered custom size mattress online. Staff was able to explain all available options and provide a solution that best fitted my needs. The mattress was exactly as expected. Delivery was within the time specified (ordered out of Ontario). Happy with the purchase.

SERGIY BONDAR Sleep Boutique Customer