Travel in comfort with a custom semi truck mattress

by | Dec 26, 2015

Chi Foam Mattress CollectionAs a truck driver, you spend a huge amount of your time on the road and your safety and well being is dependent on being well rested. Typical truck mattresses are stiff and uncomfortable, but what if your mattress on the road could be just as comfortable as your bed back home? Whether you own your truck or drive in rotation, you have options to improve your sleeping comfort.

Choosing a semi truck bed mattress

Reading semi truck mattress reviews can help you decide on your mattress best option. You’ll find you have many of the same choices that you would for a typical bedroom mattress.

Regardless of your semi truck mattress size, your options will include traditional spring mattresses, natural latex mattresses, and foam mattresses. If you are a team driver, you’ll appreciate the motion transfer reduction offered by latex and foam. These can help you feel more stable in a moving environment, leading to less tossing and turning and ultimately a deeper sleep.

Because semi truck mattresses are smaller than a regular queen or king size, you can expect to find a good quality mattress for less. Prices for a high quality truck mattress start at less than $500.

Determining your bed size

If you’ve decided to replace your mattress, whether you want to purchase a better standard mattress or order a custom mattress, you’ll first need to know your truck sleeper size. There are multiple common sizes, but you can always get one made to your exact needs.

 Carefully measure your bunk area before ordering a new semi truck mattress. Don’t forget to measure the depth of your bunk, as well as length and width. If you are ordering a custom mattress, expect to wait about a week.

Advantage of mattress toppers

If you want to reap the benefits of higher quality sleep with less pain, but don’t own your truck, you are not left out. A custom mattress topper can last for years and you can take it from job to job. Purchasing a super comfortable latex or memory foam mattress topper provides a portable way to improve your sleep.

 If you are a professional driver, you may spend more time away from your bed and on the road than you do at home. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sleep on the road without pain, sleeplessness, or discomfort?

 Studies show that getting enough sleep improves productivity and concentration, which can be crucial when you drive for a living. Make the choice to upgrade your semi truck bed mattress today and you won’t regret it.

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