Finding a Suitable Pillow Replacement

by | Mar 24, 2016

Finding a Suitable Pillow ReplacementWe all have our favorite pillows, but we know for a fact that no pillow will last forever. However, some of the newly introduced contoured pillows are very durable with a span of over 15 years. If you are feeling the need to change your pillow now, it is good to choose any of the high-quality and supportive pillows available. There are indeed several ways to determine if the pillow you use needs replacement or not. If you are not sure whether to change your pillow or not, here is a guide to find when to replace your pillow for good.

When to Replace Your Pillows

Every person may have different opinions about when to change a pillow. While some of them change the pillow to buy a good pillow with neck support, many of them just want a new pillow in the replacement of their old one. Here is how you will determine when to replace your pillow.

Check the Shape of Your Pillow

When your pillow gets old and loses shape, you won’t find it as comfortable as before. This is because your head won’t rest properly on it. This could lead to neck and shoulder paintoo. Check if your pillow has developed hollow spots, lost its shape, or feels lumpy and has bumps. If so, then it could be a sign that you should buy a new pillow. The key is to examine your pillow thoroughly to see if it needs replacement.

The Pillow Fold Test

The Pillow Fold Test should be performed to determine whether you need a new pillow. To perform the test, fold your pillow in half lengthwise for 30 seconds before releasing. If your pillow is in good condition, it should spring back to its form in no time. Old and worn pillows often lose their shape and stay folded for a few seconds. This is an indicator to throw your pillow away and buy a new one. 

The Age of Your Pillow

If you have been using your pillow for years, then it might be a storehouse of dreadful allergens. Human skin sheds, dust mites and dead skin cells are often found in old pillows. Over the course of time, these allergens can accumulate on your pillow and cause allergies, nasal congestion and skin problems. These items can also make your pillowfeel heavy, fall flat and lose its shape. If you are using the same pillow for more than three years, and the pillow has lost its shape, you need to look for a new pillow now. 

Replace Your Old Pillows and Reduce Discomfort

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