The best bed for man’s best friend

by | Dec 19, 2015

The best bed for man’s best friendYour dogs are beloved members of your family, and you want them to have a comfortable piece of furniture they can call their own. Cheaper dog beds may be easily destroyed by your pet, and tend to break down after time with even moderate use.

You love your dog and want the best for her, so why not treat her to the best dog bed in Calgary? Whether you have a new puppy or an elderly senior, a large or small breed, there are tons of options to help your dog sleep comfortably.

Choosing a great dog bed

 If you purchase a high quality dog mattress, the bed will be made of high-density foam. For custom mattresses, you’ll have a nearly infinite choice of materials. Choose a vinyl cover or a durable furniture fabric in any colour or pattern you desire. If you already have a dog mattress cover you love, you can re-stuff an old mattress with high quality memory foam

The best choice of bed depends on your pet’s personality, lifestyle, age, and size. Bolster beds work well for large breeds and with dogs that like to sleep with their heads propped on pillows and armrests.

Nesting dog beds provide tall walls for puppies and smaller breeds that like to burrow and snuggle. If you like to travel or camp with your dog, roll-up sleeping mats, dog cots, and SUV liners can keep your dog comfortable on the road.

Best beds for older dogs

For senior dogs or dogs with joint problems, an extra thick orthopaedic pad provides your pet with a comfortable sleeping and resting space. Your older dog may love to snuggle in your bed, but when you are not there to help her up, a soft foam dog mattress can be the next best thing.

Make sure you choose dog mattress covers that are extra durable, as older dogs may dig in their claws when struggling to get up from a resting position. You should also purchase a waterproof liner, as older pets sometimes have bladder accidents.

Memory foam mattresses are a wonderful choice for older animals. The foam conforms to the dog’s shape, providing comfortable stress-free sleep even for dogs with arthritis or chronic aches. And memory foam holds heat in, creating a warm soothing spot to relax.

If you live in a cold climate or your dog has chronic joint problems, investing in a heated bed can improve his quality of life. Oder dogs don’t stay as active, so they need to be kept warm when the temperature drops.

All animals like to have a territory of their own, and a high quality dog mattress can be the perfect solution. Every dog can benefit from having a truly comfortable place to rest.

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