The Benefits of a Good Sleep

by | Mar 12, 2014

Looking for a custom pillow to help you sleep betterThe effects of sleep deprivation are endless. Chronic sleep disorders can put you at risk for a multitude of health problems ranging from high blood pressure, depression, heart disease to diabetes. It can cause cognitive impairment resulting in an increased likelihood for accidents on the job or on the road. Sleep deprivation can cause premature aging and weight gain. Finally, it can virtually leave you sore and stiff every morning, resulting in more frequent visits to healthcare professionals.

Some people don’t realize the key role that a supportive mattress plays in your overall health and wellness, but specialists like Dr. Mylene Hopf, NUCCA Chiropractor, can attest to the benefits of a good night’s rest.

The benefits of a good sleepAs a NUCCA practitioner in Calgary, Dr. Hopf focuses on helping people attain and maintain appropriate posture and spinal alignment in order to help prevent wearing out of joints, over-use of muscles and reduce pain and stiffness. “The health of your spine is a vital piece of aging gracefully,” says Dr. Hopf. “Because we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, it is imperative that your body be supported by an appropriate mattress. While everyone is unique and may be more comfortable with slightly different mattresses, the key component is that your mattress is supportive and creates the right fit for you. This helps me better take care of my patients and helps them age gracefully.”

Did you know that we spend about a third of our lives sleeping? Dr. Hopf says with such a large portion of our lives spent on a mattress, it is especially important that your mattress is appropriate for you, and supports you and your spinal alignment.

Since everyone differs in terms of your sleeping patterns and wellness issues, the key to finding the right mattress to support your needs isn’t quite as simple as picking the most advertised product on the market. It is essential to really understand what you require in a mattress and ensure that your selection will give you an optimal night’s rest. The right mattress can make the difference between a restorative, good night’s sleep and sleeplessness, back pain and fatigue.

Sleep Boutique PillowYour mattress needs to be firm enough to support your body’s weight, but at the same time, must be able to conform to your body’s contours. At the Sleep Boutique, we have a team of health-conscious professionals who can help you find the perfect balance between support and softness. Our knowledgeable team will listen to your concerns and recommend different options that you can try out in our showroom, including various options for pillows since this is also an important consideration to go along with the right mattress. Give us a call or come down to the showroom if you have any questions about finding the right mattress to support your needs.