How Reduced Sleep Can Affect Your Attention Span

by | Dec 31, 2016

Your Mattress Affects Your Quality of Sleep

How Reduced Sleep Can Affect Your Attention SpanThere could be several reasons why you may not be getting full night’s sleep every night. It is recommended that the average adult should get between seven and eight hours of sleep nightly. If you’re finding yourself getting much less than that, you could be facing an increased risk for a shortened attention span. This can make daily tasks and jobs difficult and in some cases, impossible. The first place to look is your mattress. Do you need a new custom mattress or perhaps a different type of mattress? Here are some side-effects caused by reduced sleep and its effect on your overall attention span.

Reduced Sleep Leads to Sleep Deprived Driving

When you don’t get a full night’s sleep and you have to drive to work the next day, you will be sleep deprived. Your attention span on the road is minimized and hazy, this increases your risk for an accident or falling asleep at the wheel. A custom mattress made from memory foam will help to cradle every bone and muscle in your body. The result is a good night’s sleep that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go in the morning.

Lack of Sleep Can Lead to Lethargic Behaviour

Being sleep deprived can lead to lethargic behavior. Forgetting things and not being able to complete the task at hand properly or effectively will put you at risk of making mistakes. When buying a quality mattress, it’s important to opt for the right mattress materials for a good night’s sleep. There are many custom mattress options that include:

  • Organic latex
  • Foam
  • Spring

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Reduced Sleep Changes Your Mood and Temper

Not getting a full right hours of sleep, and tossing and turning can leave you cranky and short-tempered. Make your surroundings sleep worthy by creating a quiet and comforting environment in which to sleep in. Use clean, fresh and comfortable bedding materials such as an organic natural latex mattress and a mattress topper to generate a soothing, earth-friendly environment to rest fully. Mattress covers, toppers, and quilting can help you’re your bed more comfortable so you can get a better night’s sleep.

A Quality Mattress Can Improve Work Performance

A limited attention span caused from sleep deprivation can make taking tests or performing tedious tasks difficult. The result could affect your grades or your ability to perform your job safely and properly each day. Choosing a custom made mattress will help you achieve the right fit, get the best sleep and move forward with a more productive and satisfying day.

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