How a Good Quality Pillow can Reduce Back and Neck Pain

by | Jun 2, 2016

How a Good Quality Pillow can Reduce Back and Neck PainWaking up in the morning with an awful pain in the neck can be very difficult. While many of us think it can be due to a wrong sleep posture, your pillow might be the culprit behind it. That unpleasant feeling and accompanying bad neck pain can be the result of the wrong pillow you are using. Because the pillow is unable to offer good neck support while you sleep, you end up with numbness, neck pain and shoulder aches in the morning. A number of people have noticed a significant improvement once they switch their pillows and used a specialized neck support pillow. Here is a detailed description.

What can Cause Neck Pain?

Although most of us feel and blame the mattress when we have neck pain, but it is the fault of the pillow and the sleeping posture. When you wake up with neck pain, it is because the pillow didn’t support your neck in the right way. The reason is simple, because our neck has major muscles, cartilage and tendons, it needs support while we sleep. The cervical portion of the spine is also a part of our neck. When we sleep and rest our heads on a pillow, the pillow creates a gap between our head and the neck. This gap eventually lead to pains.

How a Good Quality Pillow can Reduce Back and Neck Pain

Researches on neck pain and pillows reveal that new and advanced pillows are designed to alleviate neck pain. Because these pillows contain ultimate supportive materials to support our neck without creating a gap, they offer a good support to your neck, shoulders and spine. Some of these pillows have an uneven surface with gel memory foam cushion made with dense materials. Even side sleepers will feel the comfort around their neck when they use these pillows.

Top Pillows for Neck Support:

Some of the best and popular pillows designed to offer neck support are the Gel-Infused memory foam pillow, shredded memory foam pillow, and premium waterbase pillow and the new Iso-Cool memory foam bed pillow.

Test a Pillow Before you Buy:

Don’t hesitate to try the sample pillow before buying it. A good quality pillow can last for more than a decade without shredding.

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