Why a Quality Dog or Pet Mattress?

by | Jan 28, 2015

The best bed for man’s best friendEveryone loves their pet, and wants the best for them, so why not buy them an awesome new bed? Sounds nice, but the majority of pet beds found at big box stores are going to fail prematurely and you will be constantly buying new ones. This is especially true for larger dogs, whose weight and size will cause wear and tear more quickly. Most dog Mattress are made overseas, and although the outside looks great, it is what is inside that counts. Typically, cheaper dog beds will have a combination of polyester fibre, saw dust, and remnants to fill up the bed. These products are cheap and do fill up and provide some comfort, but lack the longevity one might expect from a custom mattress. These type of fibres don’t have any lasting resiliency. The result is a less comfortable mattress for your dog or pet that is easily worn out. For dogs or pets that are older or have arthritis this can become an issue.

So how do you get a better quality mattress for your pet?

First off spend a little time doing some research to see what options are available. I would avoid polyester fibres as they don’t last (similar to lawn furniture cushion which get worn out sooner than later). Do look for a custom poly foam mattress. This would be the same foam that is in couch cushions, and mattresses. For the best value and longevity for your pet, we recommend a 4″ regular foam, at 2 pounds or higher in density. For dogs over 100 pounds use 2.5 to 3 pound foam. Foam comes in different firmness’s and densities. Density is what you pay for and is what gives your foam longevity. Sleep Boutique has every type of foam density and firmness so we are your best place to seek out a custom dog or pet mattress and have solutions for every need and budget.

Why choose Sleep Boutique for your dog or pet mattress?

Simply put – we put your dog first! Our team will ask you the most important questions to determine what type of sleeper your dog or pet is. Whether they like something similar to coach cushion or something they can burrow in, we’ll make sure they’re 100% satisfied. Even if your dog or pet is the type to make a mess of their mattress by roughing up the surface and always turning around, we have a solution for that too. So stop searching for custom dog or pet beds and custom dog or pet mattresses, Sleep Boutique will take care of it. Rest assured that even a dog or pet with arthritis will get the proper sleep with our memory foam options. Lastly, we even have solutions for incontinent pets from our selection of vinyl or nylon waterproof covers.

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