The Best Methods to Care for a New Mattress

by | Jun 15, 2016

The Best Methods to Care for a New MattressBuying a new mattress doesn’t just end the task. What you need to know is to choose a good mattress and take the best care of it, so it will last longer. Even though you buy the most expensive mattress, you might cut its lifetime in half if you don’t take care of it. Here is a list of the best methods to care for a new mattress and to keep it feeling new as long as possible.

Use a Mattress Topper on Your Bed:

When you have bought a good-quality and firm mattress, it needs a protective topper. A mattress topper can also add an extra layer of plush feel and comfort to your mattress too. You can use a memory mattress topper with a washable cover or pad, so you can clean the cover and keep your mattress feeling fresh and new. 

Use a High-Quality Bed Frame Support:

Invest in a good-quality box spring or a sturdy and high-quality bed frame. A frame with a strong center support provides good support to your mattress. This will prevent breakage or bowing of the mattress. 

Regularly Rotate Your Mattress:

Rotating mattresses head-to-toe can help to allow the surface to wear more evenly. If you have a Modular Mattress or a Mattress that can flip top to bottom you will get twice the life-span, out of your mattress. Most of the time, you will notice an impression in your normal sleeping spot after a prolonged usage. By rotating the mattress often, you can avoid this. If not monthly, do the rotation within the first two to three months of buying a new mattress . Later, you can rotate your mattress around 3 to 4 times a year to avoid uneven wearing. 

Use a Waterproof Mattress Protector:

A protective cover will help you keep your mattress safe from accidental spills, perspiration, and dust mites. A good protective cover also prevents premature mattress sagging as some materials break down with sweat. Keep in mind waterproof covers can be warmer due to their breathability. You can wash the mattress cover in regular intervals and keep your mattress smelling fresh and clean.

Beware of Children Bouncing on a Mattress:

Those with children will often face this problem. Children love jumping and bouncing on the bed. Don’t let the kids jump on your mattress. Jumping on the mattress can significantly damage the mattress core and support system. Also sitting on the edge of your mattress for prolonged periods can impact the edge support system.

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