How to evaluate a mattress?

by | Mar 11, 2016

How to evaluate a mattress?While selecting a new mattress, it is important to find a comfortable, supportive, good quality one. A good mattress not only improves your sleep quality, but it also helps people with back pain. Buyers often find it overwhelming to select the right mattress that fits their budget, interest and needs. This is where the mattress evaluation plays an important role. Just by knowing a few basics, buyers can compare and evaluate mattresses easily.

Key components of a evaluating a good mattress:

A. Firmness and support

A good mattress should provide back support. In case of a spring mattress, look for the ones with thicker springs and coils which offer the mattress a firmer feel. New varieties of mattresses include heavy steel coils for better back support. In case of foam mattresses, the softness and thickness of the foam should be checked thoroughly. Firm foam mattresses are specially designed to provide extra back support to alleviate back and joint pain.

B. Mattress padding

Good and thick mattress padding can significantly improve the firmness of the mattress you buy. Buyers can always choose from a basic or more extensive mattress padding varieties. Mattress padding adds an extra layer to your bed and provides better back support while sleeping.

C. Mattress Quilting

Mattresses have an outer layer, which includes ticking and quilting. Check the outer layer of the mattress you choose to see the quality of the stitching pattern. What you should look for is unbroken stitches and good ticking and quilting pattern.

D. Mattress Foundations

It is good to examine the foundation of the mattress you choose to buy. Most types of foundations consist of wooden or metal frames and some of these also come with a spring. If you choose a plain metal or wooden frame, you may feel the mattresses a bit harder. However, foundations with spring give a better support to your mattress and a softer feel too. Foundations are also designed to help preserve the mattress, which eventually improves the mattress longevity. 

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