How to buy sofa cushions

by | Nov 29, 2014

RV FoamIt happens to the best of sofas. Everyone has their favourite spot and after a few years, those cushions start to droop and sag. Suddenly it’s not so comfortable anymore. You contemplate getting a new sofa but this one still fits the décor and is in pristine condition other than a couple of sagging cushions. Or, buying an entirely new set of furniture for your family room just is not in the budget right now.

There’s a simple solution, and our team at the Sleep Boutique can help. Replacing sofa cushions is a cost effective way to increase the life span of your sofa, and we offer custom foam sizes for any couch, sofa or chair.

If you decide to replace the foam, the first thing you will want to do is measure your existing cushions. When you do so, be sure to use the covered cushion and measure the thickness from seam to seam. Take note of any rounded corners. With L or T shaped cushions, you will want to measure the depth of the ear. For round cushions, measure the diameter and add at least ½ an inch. You will also want to consider how full you want the cushion. Sometimes it’s possible to add an extra half an inch for a snug fit, but remember that you may encounter some difficulties with the zippers if the foam is too thick. Alternately, some of our clients bring in their cushions or the covers for our team to do the measurements for them.

Couch / Sofa Cushion FoamNext, you will want to think about the firmness of your cushions. We offer a selection of different densities ranging from medium, medium/firm, firm or extra firm. Generally, a firmer type of foam is recommended for sofas, and most of our customers opt for a 2 lb or higher density foam. The Sleep Boutique also carries High Resiliency (HR) foams that will outlast conventional foams.

Something else to think about is the fabric of your sofa. For vinyl or leather, you may want to consider a looser fit so the fabric can breathe.

Finally, you will want to decide if you require a polyester wrap around the cushions. Most of our clients choose this option since a polyester wrap softens the appearance of the foam and helps eliminate wrinkles.

Once you place your order for custom foam sofa cushions, our team at the Sleep Boutique will do the work onsite in our manufacturing centre and have the finished product for you within a few days, based on our stock. It’s that easy to perk up your favourite sofa!