Health Benefits of Choosing the Right Quality Pillow

by | Sep 10, 2015

Health Benefits of Choosing the Right Quality PillowWhile having the right mattress is very important a pillow is also a big factor in getting the rest and comfort you need.

There are many different options of pillows on the market but which one should you choose to suite your needs and comfort? Read below to find out!

We all know that having a quality mattress and pillow will help us sleep better at night but did you know that it can actually make a difference to your health and how you feel when you wake up. Based on how you sleep and your personal preference, see below on pillow options and choose the right pillow that suits you today:

  1. Dacron Pillows: Dacron is a well trusted pillow brand that has a variety of different qualities to give you the good night’s rest you endeavor. Choose from level of fluffiness, comfort and firmness. The Dacron brand pillows have a fresh FX fiberfill technology that inhibits a variety of odor-causing molds, bacteria and fungus. These pillows are one of the softest brands on the market and will make you feel as though you are sleeping on the clouds. These are pillows for people that move around a lot at night and need a quality pillow that will adjust easily to their sleeping positions.
  2. Cervical Foam Pillows: These quality pillows will ergonomically support the natural alignment of your neck for outstanding comfort while you sleep. For people that normally have neck pain, shoulder tension and associated headaches this is the pillow for you as it is designed to decrease morning pains and stiffness with its effective neck support functionality. These are pillows for back or side sleeper this quality pillow will contour to your neck without lifting or tilting your head.
  3. Latex Pillows: The Latex pillow has been proven to maintain its shape and support for five years on average with normal, regular usage. These pillows provide excellent support of the head and neck which adjust quickly to a person’s movements. They also have a natural ventilation system, letting body heat and moisture disperse. These are pillows for side and stomach sleepers.

Lack of sleep can cause a decrease in concentration levels, increase weight gain, fatigue, stress, and anxiety levels. We sleep for a third of our lives which adds up to approximately 27 years of being in bed which makes it very important that you find the right pillow to support your head and neck comfortably. A Calgary mattress store is fully equipped with personnel that can help find the right pillow for you. Come down to Sleep Boutique to speak with a mattress expert on finding the right pillow that will give you the support and comfort you need for a healthy sleep.

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