Why purchase a custom mattress? What makes the Custom Orchid Mattress the best choice?

by | Oct 15, 2015

Why purchase a custom mattress? What makes the Custom Orchid Mattress the best choice?What makes the Custom Orchid Mattress better then other mattresses?

Until now there has never been a more customizable mattress. Whether you like your mattress to be firm or whether you prefer a soft-top mattress, the Custom Orchid has the best of both worlds and can be made to fit your exact specifications to ensure the best possible sleep. With our new Custom Orchid Mattress we have combined the best parts from our high-end foam mattresses with our top of the line selection for comfort layer toppers.

How do we make the best custom mattresses?

You first select a custom made mattress and from there it is modified to fit your exact specifications. If you sleep with a partner that has a different preference then yourself then the Custom Orchid Mattress is just what you need! There are over 5000 different combinations to ensure you find the perfect bed not only for yourself but if you are currently sleeping in the same bed with a partner.

This custom mattress has 3 different levels and 7 different components that can be adjusted with a variety of high-density support foams, and on top of that there are also added comfort layers of memory foam or latex. You are usually able to choose from soft, medium, firm, or extra firm custom mattresses. There are 2 levels consisting of 3 components of 4″ high-density foam that can be adjusted to meet your support needs. For your comfort layers there are up to 6 different types of latex or you can go with memory gel foam.

Where can you purchase this custom mattress?

High-end custom mattresses such as The Orchid Custom Mattress can usually be purchased from boutique mattress shops that cater to individuals. If you’re looking for these kind of high-end custom mattresses in Calgary we are the right mattress shop that focuses on making the best custom mattress for you! Our Custom Orchid Mattresses can even be modified over time as well and are made from their bamboo knit fabric that is quilted to wool. This makes it very breathable and custom mattresses that are temperature regulated allows you to feel comfortable and rested all night long!

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