Foam mattress or spring mattress, what is better for you?

by | Feb 19, 2016

Foam mattress or spring mattress, what is better for you?When it comes to selecting your mattress you have a wide variety of choices. Spring mattresses, have been around longer than the newer foam mattress.  However with the guarantee of luxury, comfort and support from both it is easy to see why customers still have a dilemma when it comes to getting a perfect night’s sleep. That is why we are here to help.

Why Choose a Spring Mattress:

The spring mattress offers you comfort and a luxurious feel, explaining why they have been popular for such a long time. In the new Empress Collection only the highest quality components are used to meet your needs, ensuring the you receive the ultimate mattress. Why not add more beauty to your spring mattress with elegant pillow tops, luxury covers and plush cushions.  

Why Choose a Foam Mattress:

In the past few years, the popularity of foam mattresses has been increasing significantly. These mattresses are designed to support each part of your body equally, as the foam helps to distribute the body weight evenly. Research has shown that using a foam or foam and latex combination mattress can help bring about a change in a poor sleep pattern. With your body weight being evenly distributed and supported well, you are less likely to experience tossing and turning.

Comparisons Between Foam and Spring Mattresses:

The choice between mattresses is still a difficult one for many people. Do you go with the plush, luxurious comfort of a spring mattress bed? Maybe you might decide for the supportive, warmer foam mattress option?  

We will help you pick the best option to ensure you get a perfect night’s sleep.

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