Varieties of Pillow Types

by | Apr 4, 2016

Varieties of Pillow TypesBuyers sometimes feel overwhelmed while shopping for pillow these days. The reason is due to the vast choices of pillows available in the market. Gone are those days when the only pillow type was feather and cotton. Now, buyers will find everything from feather and foam combination pillows to ultra-supportive memory foam and latex pillows. The latter two are quite popular in recent years, especially among people looking for a pillow with additional neck support. With so many choices of pillows available, it is difficult to find which one will work better for you. Here is a guide for all pillow buyers out there.

Foam Pillows Offer Great Neck Support

What makes the memory foam and foam pillows so good is the density. The higher the density, the better the neck support and less the pillow will break down. These pillows have a contouring effect, which offers support to the head, neck and shoulders. Because these pillows contain a substance called viscoelastic foam, the pillow distributes your weight evenly. Thus, you will not feel any pressure points and this eventually will reduce your neck pain and shoulder pain. 

Memory-foam pillows are specially designed and contoured to cradle your neck while sleeping. People with neck and shoulder pain will see a significant difference after using a memory-foam pillow.

Latex Pillows Offer Prolonged Usage

Latex pillows also come with a foam core and a body of latex. These pillows, just like the foam pillows, offer good support by distributing the weight evenly. Latex pillows are one of the firmest types of pillows available and the natural latex fibers offer good resistance against dust mites and mold. Because latex pillows are very dense, they promote good back and neck alignment during sleep. Supportive latex pillows also offer relief from neck and shoulder pain . Latex pillows are naturally heavier in density and, hence, it doesn’t clump, shift or create hollow spots even after a prolonged usage. 

Which Type of Pillow is Right for You?

Choosing the right pillow for you depends on your preference. If you love soft and cuddly pillows, then a feather or cotton pillow is one good option for you. However, these pillows don’t provide as much support while sleeping but you can always enjoy that ultra-plush feel. In contrast, the new ranges of memory foam pillows come with a cooling gel layers to soothe your skin. The memory foam layer beneath the cooling top is made of durable foam, which provides great neck support. Side sleepers often find these pillowsvery durable and comfortable. Those with neck pain, lower back pain and side sleeping habits should choose these specially designed pillows.

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