Dunlop or Talalay for your Latex Mattress?

by | Feb 21, 2015

Information To Help You Choose The Latex Mattress That’s Right For You

Dunlop or Talalay for your Latex Mattress?A latex mattress is the perfect mattress to have a luxurious sleep. The comfort types are second to none and there are firm and soft options for every kind of sleeper. Choosing a latex mattress can possibly help you sleep better, due to the customization available. The sleeping options range from material that’s light as a feather and fluffy, caressing the curves of your body to a firm finish that decrease or eliminate motion transfer. Our Calgary mattress store has latex mattress options for everyone!

Where Does Latex Come From?

Latex is a plant based organic substance that comes from the milk of rubber trees primarily found in South East Asia. Our 100% Natural Organic latex mattress comes from premium plantations in South East Asia. Additionally, latex can be a synthetic product that imitates the composition of latex. Whatever latex mattress requirements you have, we can make them all from 100% natural and organic latex mattresses, mattress toppers, and mattress covers or choose a synthetic blend. In our expert opinion, both options are great and it comes down to how you like to sleep!

Is There A Difference Between Dunlop Latex And Talalay Latex?

Simply put, the processing / preparation method is the primary difference and not so much the latex type. Typically, Dunlop latex is natural latex and Talalay latex is synthetic (30% natural latex 70% synthetic). However, both methods can be 100% natural or a blend of natural and synthetic material, or all synthetic.

Dunlop Latex Mattresses – The Big Difference

Dunlop (Yes, like the tire manufacturer) is a traditional latex process that started in 1929. The latex sap gets whipped into a fluffy texture and then poured into a mold where it gets steam baked. The end result is the natural sediments tend to sink to the bottom of the mold, which results in Dunlop latex being firmer on the bottom – creating a denser mattress. Our organic mattresses and natural mattresses use 100% organic & natural Dunlop latex that meets the top certifications for latex: Global Organic Latex Standard, Eco-Institut in Germany, and other certifications (USDA, Oeko, RUV)

Talalay Latex Mattresses – The Big Difference

A new preparation process that adds two steps to the Dunlop method: vacuum sealing and flash freezing, to prevent the particles from settling at the bottom of the mold. The result is a consistent structure creating more of a bounce and a softer feel than Dunlop latex.

Which Type Of Latex Mattress Is Best For You?

There are some enthusiasts who will argue till death about one being superior over the other. Sleep Boutique and most experts will tell you the reality is that neither is superior, just different methods.

Key Takeaway Points About Latex Mattresses

  • If you like sleeping on more of a firm mattress, choose Dunlop latex for your latex mattress
  • If you prefer sleeping in a natural environment choose Dunlop latex for a natural organic latex mattress
  • If you enjoy sleeping on a very soft surface and wish your bed was a pillow; Talalay latex is your best choice.
  • If you want to combine Dunlop and Talalay, Sleep Boutique can make the most custom latex mattress options to build you the perfect sleep!

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