Looking for a custom pillow to help you sleep better

by | Aug 20, 2015

Looking for a custom pillow to help you sleep betterSleep Boutique provides clients with necessary information to help you choose the right personalized / custom pillow for maximum comfort


A good pillow needs to provide the best comfort for the way you sleep. It is important to provide the necessary support for your neck, back, and more importantly, the curvature of your spine. Choosing the right pillow can sometimes be difficult. There are different pillow preferences for different types of sleepers. For example, stomach sleepers prefer a flat, very thin pillow while back sleepers prefer more plush, and side sleepers generally prefer a medium sized pillow (sometimes with a body pillow to support the spine)

Here are a few points for finding the right custom pillows in Calgary

In short, the right pillow is the result of different comfort preferences you’ve had over the years. The rule of thumb for stomach, back, and side sleepers works generally well for most people. However, it is necessary to get the proper advice when buying a pillow.

At Sleep Boutique, our mattress and pillow specialists will help you decide what pillow is best for you depending of several factors:

  • Sleeping preference (back, stomach, side)
  • Depth and height preferences (determines neck support)
  • Level of firmness (determines neck and back support)
  • Material (Dacron, Cervical Foam, Latex)
  • Type of mattress (This can greatly impact your pillow preferences)

Together, we will diligently go over the best pillow types for your sleeping preference and make sure you get a good night sleep. Some experts have been quoted as saying that not having the right pillow can make you wake up feeling tired or with a headache.

Is there a cost difference for custom bed pillows?

Depending on where you go, prices for a custom bed pillow can be 3-5 x that of a normal pillow! Luckily, Sleep Boutique manufacturers our pillows as our clients need them at our local Calgary mattress shop. The result is that we can make a custom pillow for you at no additional cost. Custom made without the custom price. We don’t believe in a “one-size fits all” – You’re unique, your pillow should be too.

Visit Sleep Boutique – Your 100% Canadian Calgary mattress store for more advice or to find the mattress or pillow that’s best for you. (403) 287-1960 www.sleepboutique.ca Your Sleep Built Right.

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