Buying New Sofa Cushions in Calgary, AB

by | Jul 9, 2015

Buying New Sofa CushionsDo you find that your couch or sofa is just not as comfy as it once was? No need to break the bank by purchasing a new couch, a sofa cushion replacement may be the answer!

Buying new sofa cushions in Calgary is the most cost-effective way in getting back the comfort you need in your sofa, here are the steps to consider when purchasing new sofa cushions

Purchasing your sofa was a hard decision but it just isn’t holding up its end of the bargain anymore when it comes to your comfort, but you really love it and just aren’t ready to separate, right? If there was just a way that you could still keep that beautiful couch without spending thousands of dollars…

Well Sleep Boutique has just that! All your couch is in need of is a little facelift – new sofa cushions is the answer! By replacing your couch cushions you will increase the lifespan of that beautiful couch you just absolutely adore without the needed stress. Sleep Boutique offers custom size foam cushions to fit any sofa, couch, or chair. Now that we know buying new sofa cushions is the answer, here are the steps in doing so:

  1. First things first – measure your existing cushions – to do so measure the thickness by measuring the cushion from seam to seam, take into consideration any rounded corners. If you are having problems or in need assistance feel free to give us a call at Sleep Boutique or to make it even easier on you, bring it in to us and we’ll be sure to measure this accurately for you.
  2. Next – determine the level of firmness you are looking for. Sleep Boutique offers a large variety of cushion firmness from medium, med/firm, firm or extra firm. It is said that a firmer couch cushion is the best choice when it comes to our sofas. Sleep Boutique also carries “High Resiliency” density foam, which outlasts any conventional foam. It is important to keep in mind the type of cushion you are buying for when choosing the firmness of your new sofa cushions in Calgary. For instance a sofa seat cushion should be around 4″ – 5′ thick, a sofa back cushion should be around 3″-4″ thick. Window seat cushion should be 2″-4″ thick. Floor cushion should be 2″-4″ thick. Dining room chair slip seat should be 1″-2″ thick.
  3. The next decision to make in your buying process of your Calgary new sofa cushions is if you require a polyester wrap around for the new sofa cushions. Most customers choose this option as it eliminates any wrinkles and keeps the foam tight.

The final step in buying new sofa cushions is to get to Sleep Boutique, Calgary’s top store for buying your new sofa cushions! Enjoy that TV series in comfort without breaking the bank – we are looking forward to seeing you at our Calgary location.

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