How a Spring Mattress can Help Give you a Better Night’s Sleep

by | May 20, 2016

Empress Collection spring mattressFinding the best mattress in the maze of choices can be really difficult. When it comes to your nighttime sleep, you should never compromise. A restful sleep leaves you feeling fresh and energized in the morning. The key to an enjoyable sleep can be a good mattress. Based on a sleep survey, nine of the ten respondents consider a mattress as an important factor that intervenes in good sleep. Considering the price and quality, the innovative and modern spring mattresses can actually help give you a better night’s sleep. Here is a detailed overview. 

The Need-to-Know about spring mattresses:

A well-made spring mattress contains layers of different materials to provide better support while sleeping. Metal inner springs offer a bounce and strength to these mattresses, whereas the lumbar support layer and pillow top cushion layer offer that plush feel for your restful sleep. If you prefer a firmer mattress, then choose spring mattresses with the pocket coil springs. These mattresses come in both tight-top and pillow-top options. Even though you will feel less movement on these mattresses while sleeping, the extra cushion top offers a luxurious and cozy feel for your goodnight’s sleep.

How these mattresses can improve your sleep?

Studies claim that our back needs the most support when we sleep. This is when the role of a supportive mattress comes to the picture. The spring mattresses with coils and individually cased Bonnell springs are designed to offer a firmer feel while you sleep. Good lumbar support layer coupled with foam makes the mattress feel stiff and supportive. The extra top cushion layer snugly supports your back while you change the position during your sleep. Plus, the breathable cotton construction of these spring mattresses keeps them cool. Buyers can always add an extra layer of comfort to their mattress by choosing a pillow-top cushion topper for their mattress.

Enjoy a High Quality Spring Mattress

While some low-quality spring mattresses can hinder sleep quality, the new varieties with better coil and a support system can drastically improve your sleep and help decrease stress.

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