Get a better and healthier sleep by changing to a no motion transfer mattress

by | Oct 8, 2015

Get a better and healthier sleep by changing to a no motion transfer mattress

How to choose the right mattress with no motion transfer?

If you sleep with a partner who is a restless sleeper, then getting a proper sleep is very difficult. The movements of the person next to you might disturb you or wake you up from your deep sleep. If this is a problem you suffer from, then a no motion transfer mattress would be a good option for you. If you are looking to buy new mattress, then avoid buying a mattress with continuous coil system or tied coil, as they will not solve your problem.

Foam mattresses are a good option or an individually wrapped or even pocketed coils will be excellent choices because they do not transfer motion to the other side of the bed. Buying a bed suitable for both of you is very important, so when you go out to shop for mattress make sure it’s a company with quality mattresses and their sales persons are able to answer your questions regarding the mattress.

What type of mattress is the worst for motion transfer?

Mattresses with flexible coil springs in the box springs have the most disturbance problem. Think of a car, springs typically help the car to absorb the shock, but in the case of a mattress the coil springs are connected to a common grid which is known as a box spring surface. The box spring surface transfers even a small motion. Today, most box springs transfer little to no motion. However be informed of what you are buying and always try lying on the bed with your partner to see how it feels before buying it.

What type of mattress is best for no motion transfer?

Foam mattresses are known to be one of the best options. There are different type of foam mattresses to consider like memory foam and polyurethane. Latex mattresses are also best for reducing motion. Another option to ask your sales representative at the mattresses shop about is dual type mattresses. Dual type mattresses have split innards and cushioning layers with a split down the middle. The split not only stops the motion to transfer from one side to another but also allows for customization. The dual type mattress will also resolve the problem of different firmness preferences and will let you and your partner design the bed to your liking. Make sure you find a mattress shop, which allows for custom mattresses so you can easily pick the best option for you and your partner.

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