The Best Type of Crib Mattress for your Infant

by | May 14, 2016

How to Find the Right Type of Crib Mattress for Your InfantWhen you choose a wrong crib mattress, you may put your little one at a risk. A crib is where you leave your child. That’s why you will never want to choose a cheap and unsafe mattress for your child’s crib. Choosing a crib mattress is certainly a task and you will have to take a number of factors into consideration. Buying the best one you can is always recommended. 

Look for Quality Mattress to Suit Your Infant:

While comparing and choosing crib mattresses, you will have to choose the best quality mattress. Don’t get swayed away with the price. Although these cheap crib mattresses do feature vinyl covering and tear-proof edges, they may not provide the same best-quality cushioning that a quality crib mattress will do. The new range of crib mattresses are certified safe. These mattresses are non-bouncy, firm, puncture resistant, and are made of very fine organic cotton. Choices include foam mattresses with a vinyl covering and with a denser foam body. Even a natural latex mattress is a good choice for your child’s crib.

Buy a New Mattress:

You cannot compromise with the quality of your child’s crib mattress. No matter how good an old crib mattress may look, it can be a storehouse of harmful germs and dust mites. Therefore, always buy a new crib mattress, if possible. An old mattress may have some mold growth, bacteria colonies and even fecal contents from an accidental diaper leakage. These mattresses can cause potential harm to your new born child. 

Choice of Firm or Soft Mattresses:

A soft and flimsy mattress is not a good choice for your child. Although it will give a plush feel, it will not support your newborn’s body adequately. When you will compare mattresses , you will find all good-quality and higher-priced models to be firmer and stiffer than the cheaper ones. The medical association of pediatricians also recommended a firm mattress for newborns, because they are safer. 

Test the Fit to Ensure it is Suitable for Your Infant:

It is very important to buy the crib mattress that fits perfectly to the crib. In this way, you can ensure the safety of your child while he is in the crib. Hit the stores and check the fit before buying the crib mattress. 

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