Decorating Your Bedroom: Custom Upholstered Cushions v Store Bought Cushions

by | May 26, 2016

Upholstered CushionsThe idea of giving your bedroom a complete makeover this summer can be very exciting. Adding some wall paintings, new side tables, decorative lamps and custom rugs are some of the few options. How about adding another layer to your bedding and refresh your bedroom’s look by adding a pop of colour? If the idea interests you, then you will love using some cushions to decorate your bedroom. Beautiful printed and colourful pillows when artfully arranged on your bed can create a signature and a masterful bedscape. Here are some ideas and tips.

Choosing the cushions: Upholstered or store bought?

A vibrant throw or pillow can transform the look of your entire room beautifully. However, it can be very confusing to choose between the upholstered or the store bought options. While both the choices give a nice look to your bed by adding another layer or texture and colour, both the choices may not be of the same quality. You can always choose multiple colors and customize while selecting the decorative upholstered cushions for your bed. However, your options are very minimal when you opt for the store bought ones. Once these cushions are installed, you cannot change them unless you choose to redo the entire look.

Why Choose Upholstered Cushions:

These textured cushions not only make a great living room décor, but also they can be used artfully to decorate your bedroom. Buyers can choose from a wide range of cushion covers, fabrics and cottons to create the type of cushions they want in their bedroom. Choices of styles include the classic wrapped style, double piped and vented style. Included polyester wraps will ensure a good and nice fit too. The zipper on cushion covers will offer you an easy and quick cleaning option.

The Critical Cushion Test:

While redecorating your bedrooms, you cannot compromise with the quality. Don’t go for those less expensive and low-quality store bought cushions. Create a statement look in your bedroom by choosing the finest fabric and sewing pattern to get a set of custom-made upholstered cushions for your bedroom makeover. Remember to always choose the best quality.

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