Advantages Of a Natural Latex Mattress

by | Oct 26, 2015

Comparing the Benefit of a Custom Latex Mattress to a Store Bought Latex MattressCustomer satisfaction surveys show that owners of latex mattresses are typically more satisfied with their beds than owners of traditional mattresses. Sleep experts also tout the benefits of the latex mattress, claiming that the firmer surface provided by a latex mattress can provide better support and reduce low back pain.

If you are thinking of purchasing a new mattress, a traditional spring mattress will usually be the more affordable choice. But price shouldn’t be the only factor when purchasing a new mattress. You want the option that provides the most comfortable support and the best night’s sleep.

Latex is durable and may last you an extra few years over other types of mattresses. Even better, the material is biodegradable when it is time to purchase a new one.

Here are facts you should know about the natural advantages of latex mattresses:

Facts about latex mattresses

If you are researching and reading natural latex mattress reviews, you’ve probably realized there are differences in the types and quality of latex available. The biggest difference is between blended latex and a natural latex mattress.

Mattresses can be labelled 100 percent latex, but still contain synthetic latex. Mattresses that contain a mix of synthetic and natural latex should be labelled as blended latex. If you are committed to buying a natural latex mattress in Calgary, beware of these synthetic beds.

Blended mattresses don’t have the resilience of a natural latex mattress and can deteriorate over time. Many blends contain as much as 70 per cent synthetic latex and fillers. These mattresses can be less costly, but be aware when you are comparison shopping that there is a quality difference.

Mattress covers

Not all mattress covers are created equal. The two main options on the market are knitted and woven covers. Woven fabrics do not move and stretch much, while knitted fabrics are more elastic because their stitches are in loops instead of rows. Your best option is to choose a mattress with a knitted organic cotton cover. Knitted covers are softer and more breathable, and organic fabric is important because you don’t want to put chemically treated fabrics close to your skin every night.

Natural latex mattress toppers

If you are on a budget but still want to experience the benefits of a natural latex mattress, you can purchase a natural latex mattress topper for an average of $250. A topper can increase the life of your current mattress and make your bed more comfortable. If you’ve been experiencing back pain but don’t have the money for a new bed, this can be a relatively inexpensive option than will last for years.

Your quality of sleep matters, and a latex mattress can make every night a good night. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day.

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