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Purchasing a Mattress

No mystery

When it comes to mattresses, we think far beyond just soft, medium and firm. We also think you deserve to know and understand exactly what you’re sleeping on. In our showroom-workshop (yes, both are combined into one, we make it in the same place you buy it!) you can see, touch and select your mattress components, comparing materials, textures and structures. We have a vast selection, including organic, natural, and synthetic options to suit your sleep preferences and budget.

As we show you your options, we’re letting you guide the decision for your custom mattress, not selling you existing mattress stock –built-to-order. You can even chat with, or meet the friendly folks building them, right here in at the shop in Calgary. If your home is elsewhere, rest assured, we also ship across North America, and the cost is very reasonable.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If something needs adjusting after you get it home, let us know and we’ll make it right. Or we’ll return your money.

We were so impressed with service we were beginning to wonder – do they do this for everyone, or is it just for us?

Luc Bouchard, Sleep Boutique Customer

Blair Schachterle

Blair Schachterle
Nose Creek Sport Physical Therapy President

We enjoy referring our clients at Nose Creek Sport Physical Therapy to Colin at the Sleep Boutique for the evaluations on their mattresses. Colin always takes the time to assess each mattress situation. He has the ability to customize the bed to fit their size of body, type of mattress preference, and level of comfort. If any of our clients tell us they are waking up in pain, we often ask them, ‘how old is your mattress?’ If it is a relatively new mattress, Colin can recommend modifications if possible, otherwise, if the mattress is beyond it’s lifecycle, he can set you up with an even better new mattress, to provide a better sleep experience. As healthcare providers, we know how important your restorative sleep is for the healing process. I have personally purchased mattresses from Colin, and could not be happier. I highly recommend Colin at Sleep Boutique, if you are having any sleeping challenges.

What Sleep Boutique Mattresses Provide

Custom Mattress SolutionBalanced and targeted distribution — well distributed support that is measured according to individual body weight and shape results in straightness in spine posture and neck curvature. A well supported body ensures a deeper and more fulfilling sleep. Ideally, you want to float into your mattress but remain balanced.

Sleep Boutique Provides Built-to-Order Mattress Solutions That Fit You Into the Right Mattress With A Perfect Sleep Guarantee.

At Sleep Boutique we source only high quality ingredients and understand the science of a perfect sleep — and we do this at reasonable prices.

At Sleep Boutique we believe that no one mattress is right for everyone; there is the perfect mattress for everyone, and our goal is to fit you into it.

We have no pressure non-commissioned sales, and we offer unique modular mattress designs. Since we build our own mattresses, we have no middle men and can build you the perfect mattress for less than you think.

+ Find out about our Sleep Perfect Guarantee

  • We only use the best materials
  • 100% Customer satisfaction every time
  • Built to order mattresses designed for your needs
  • No middlemen, no commissions
  • 40 years in the business of providing better sleep
  • Owner operated and qualified sale staff with your interests in mind
  • Mattress designs built on years of experience

What our customers say:

Had your mattress for two months, and are very pleased with it. Never had a better sleep on any other mattress we have ever owned.

Mike Joan, Calgary, AB

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