What’s your pillow preference?

by | Aug 26, 2014

Cervical Foam PillowDid you know that the secret to a great night of sleep is the combination of the right mattress with the right pillow? Choosing a pillow to go with your new mattress is an important decision, and everyone has a different preference. Pillows should support your head, neck and shoulders at just the right amount, because if it doesn’t, your neck can be left in an awkward position which can obstruct breathing and cause snoring. Pillows are meant to relieve pressure and in order for them to do their job, above all else, they must be comfortable for each individual sleeper.

One of the main considerations in choosing the best pillow for you is whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper. While this is not always the case, our team at the Sleep Boutique usually finds that side sleepers like a higher loft, while stomach sleepers usually prefer very little loft and back sleepers prefer a loft somewhere in between. Kind of like Goldilocks! We do realize that many people tend to move around while they sleep so their sleeping patterns may be a combination of the three.

The Sleep Boutique carries three different types of pillows including Dacron, cervical foam and latex.

Sleep Boutique PillowThe Dacron pillow, or what we call the Sleep Boutique pillow, has been manufactured within our store for 30 years. Instead of using blown in loose fibres we use sheets of Dacron. This also adds to the durability of our pillows as sheets don’t move out to the edges like loose fibre pillows; therefore they stay more constituent for longer. Our pillows have similar loft and feel to feathers without any allergy concerns. Since we make our pillows we can add or take out layers of Dacron to support your needs, and we offer one free adjustment after your purchase.

Cervical Foam PillowThe cervical foam pillow was designed to provide neck support by reducing the strain on the head and neck muscles. These pillows have been around for quite some time and tend to be firmer than average as they don’t compress very much. The pillow has to fit you correctly, but if it does, it can be the perfect solution.

Talalay Latex pillowWe also carry the popular Talalay latex pillows, which have a great feel, with uplifting support and great pressure relief. They are simply luxurious, with great durability. Try one in our show room and see how it feels.

Our showroom offers the perfect place for you to test out our pillow selections with our various mattress options. Come by and let our staff help you find your perfect combination!