What Goes into Building a Custom Mattress

by | Sep 13, 2016

What Goes into Building a Custom MattressWhen you want to lay your heads down for an enjoyable slumber, the first thing you will want is a comfortable mattress. A designer upholstered bed or an inviting bedroom setting cannot fulfill your dream to enjoy a luxurious sleep. However, all store bought mattresses cannot offer you the same comfort and firmness that a custom mattress can do. After all, these custom-made mattresses are built according to your interest, choice and budget, so it can provide you the extra supple feel, plush cushion and firmness for your goodnight sleep.

What is a Custom Mattress?

Size and Shape of the Custom Mattress:

A custom mattress is designed as per the customer’s choice. Whether you want an extra-long mattress or a short one, the mattress designer can create the exact type of mattress for you. Many customers want their mattress in a combination of foam and spring. Custom mattresses can be made just as the way you want. You can get a 14-inch mattress in California king size and a narrower one for your den or RV as well. Those who want a mattress for an extra-high bed can also get one done through custom ordering as well.

Custom Mattress Fills:

When you choose a custom mattress, you can select the type of fill too. You can choose all cotton, foam and cotton combination or plush foam filling for your mattress too. The modern mattress manufacturers with custom mattress choices now offer organic mattress fill as well. Custom designed mattresses can also be made with a combination of vinyl covered memory gel foam and latex as well. If you are looking for a natural mattress fill, then choose plant based cotton, bamboo and latex. For plush feel, you can also choose a mattress with a combination of horsehair, hog hair and cotton felt. Mattresses made with horsehair are durable and supple. Those who are allergic to synthetic feather and hair should choose an all-natural mattress with horsehair.

Custom Mattresses are More Durable:

These high-quality mattresses can be a great investment too. Although these mattresses are costlier than the store-brought alternatives, they last longer.

Any Extra Mattress Customization:

Add some unique features to your custom designed mattress. You can include wheels to the wood frame, designer upholstery, extensive footrest and adjustable body too.

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