Vinyl-Covered and Waterproof Mattresses for Health and Institutional Use

by | Mar 18, 2020

vinyl mattress

Vinyl-Covered and Healthcare mattresses are special-order items that are not typically sold by most mattress retailers. Institutions catering to people with special needs, group homes, rehabilitation clinics, and children’s camps quite often require mattresses that are easily cleaned and waterproof. Sometimes these mattresses are also bed-bug proof and have antimicrobial properties, such as those used in hospitals, where specialized bariatric mattresses adjust to the user’s weight and sleep position; while these are quite expensive, they are also vital to long-term health.

That said, there many kinds mattresses that are durable, waterproof, and easily cleaned at much lower cost than those designed for hospitals. Any mattress with either foam or inner springs will give excellent support and performance to people who are not bound to a bed on a 24-hour basis, such as those with special needs, in group homes, rehabilitation centres, and children’s camps.

vinyl mattressFoam Grades Inside Mattresses

Foam designs can be built in various thicknesses at 4, 6, or 8 inches, but the density of that foam is very important. Buyers should ensure the foam is high density for good longevity, meaning at least 2 lb per cubic foot. If users are expected to be in bed for long periods of time, we recommend a 4 – 5 lb Memory foam at 2 to 3 inches thick, as this helps to alleviate pressure points.

Mattress Covers Used

As for the cover materials used in institutional mattresses, there are several kinds from which to choose:

  • Nylon Covers. Nylon is thin but can be made waterproof. It is also wipeable, easy to clean, and fairly strong, however, it can tear if caught.
  • PVC Covers. Polyurethane Vinyl and higher quality PVC vinyls can have an ultra-leather feel that is supple with a bit of stretch. These are strong, feel soft to the touch, and do not have a hospital-type look. While they are wipeable, users should take care not to use strong chemical cleaners as they can break down the material.
  • Vinyl Covers. Lastly, there are vinyl mattress covers designed specifically for healthcare that are very strong and made for medical use. These normally don’t have any stretch, but are durable when subjected to a broad array of cleaning agents. They are also waterproof, tear resistant, and designed to inhibit bacterial or fungal growth. They do, however have a distinctly medical look to them, if that matters to you.

Flame Retardance

For environments where many mattresses are used, flame retardance is also important. The mattress foams and covers may or may not have flame retardant properties, so if needed, be sure to request it when you order.

Healthcare and Vinyl Pillows

When purchasing a Healthcare or Vinyl Covered mattress, don’t forget about the pillow. There are specialty fabrics that are softer, with a bit more stretch that are designed specifically for pillows. They can also be made self-deodorizing, hypoallergenic and capable of fighting bacterial and fungal growth. The pillow’s core will normally be filled with either a foam or polyester.


While there are many reputable companies that sell mattresses, few companies fabricate special order mattresses by size or materials. While we do not have a minimum order size (an order of one mattress is welcome!), and ship all over North America, we do recommend you plan ahead as orders can take 3 – 6 weeks with delivery. Please contact us today.