Tips for Reducing Sleep Discomfort

by | Jul 1, 2016

Tips for Reducing Sleep DiscomfortThere is nothing quite like the refreshing and recharged feeling after a restful sleep. However, your goodnight’s sleep can be jeopardized if you have to deal with back pain, discomfort and neck stiffness all through the night. Unless you have any back alignment problem or lower-cross syndrome, your mattress can be the culprit in your sleep discomfort. There are several ways you can reduce your sleep discomfort. Here are some helpful tips.

Find a Suitable Mattress for you:

While a soft mattress may make your spouse enjoy her sleep, your body may not find it a suitable option. The reason is the pressure points created on a mattress. Based on a person’s weight and body structure, a number of pressure points appear on the surface of the mattress while sleeping. Pressure points can cause discomfort and worsen the condition. By choosing a firm and supportive mattress, you can avoid pressure points and enjoy your sleep. Memory foam supportive mattresses are best for people with back pain. 

Try Sleeping on your Side:

Another way to reduce sleep discomfort is by choosing to sleep on your side. Side sleeping is the most supportive position and a preferred sleeping style suggested by many orthopedics. By keeping your legs at an angle and towards your chest, and by placing a pillow between your knees will help you avoid any back pain. Plus, this position will reduce pressure on your spine, which often leads to chronic back pain. 

Position Your Back Comfortably:

By maintaining your back’s natural curve while sleeping will help you avoid any pain. Back positioning can reduce the pain by offering relief from less stress on the muscles. By sleeping on your back, you can offer back support and help reducing back pain. 

Cushioning your Joints:

By adding a few cushions under your joints can significantly reduce pressure on your body and joints. Use small and supportive pillows under your knee and sides to reduce the pressure on your back and avoid chronic pain. 

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