Understanding Sleep Deprivation and Its Effects

by | Apr 14, 2016

Understanding Sleep Deprivation and Its EffectsHuman bodies send automatic signals when tired. When you ignore those signals and don’t allow your body to rest, you may face the consequences of sleep deprivation. Sleeplessness can eventually lead to some physical and physiological illness. A relaxing sleep is necessary to keep our body system healthy and functional at an optimal level. While your lifestyle and stress level can impair good sleep habits, it can take weeks for you to improve and build good sleep patterns. Sleep deprivation can have an effect on many areas in your life and affect your daily performance.

Low Productivity and Performance from Sleep Deprivation

A goodnight’s sleep leaves you feeling refreshed and full of energy. On the contrary, sleeplessness can make you feel lethargic and weak. Chronic sleep deprivation negatively affects your productivity and focusing ability. If you are sleep deprived for some reason, you will find it difficult to focus at your workplace, describe simple things and even solve problems. It might even lead you to forget important meetings. Studies conducted by the American Psychological Association also show that sleeplessness can impair a person’s decision making abilities.

Recurrent Health Issues and Mood Swings from Lack of Sleep

Studies have shown that sleeplessness and sleep deprivation can be a big contributor to recurring health issues like the common cold, fever, body aches and nausea. If you are not getting enough sleep, you are more likely to get sick than an individual that gets enough rest.

When your body and mind feels restless, you are more likely to experience frequent mood swings, which is a common occurrence for people who have chronic sleep deprivation. A poor night of sleep can make you feel negative, cranky, and agitated. Several studies also highlight that a lack of sleep can negatively affect a person’s mood and cognitive function and bring down your mood significantly.

Workouts May Seem Difficult with Sleep Deprivation

While a healthy person enjoys his workout routine, a person who suffers from sleeplessness may struggle to perform basic exercises for even 10 minutes. If you follow a regular workout schedule and feel difficulty performing your typical workout, this issue may be sleep-related. According to a published report from the European Journal of Applied Physiology, prolonged sleep disorders can significantly change a person’s metabolism, heart rate and strength.

Tips to Consider to Sleep Better

Although lifestyle, stress and body conditions can affect your sleep, your mattress and pillow might be the reason for your bad sleep patterns. Check your mattress and pillow to see if they need replacement today.

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