Buying A Mattress in Calgary – What’s Out There?

by | Apr 22, 2015

Buying A Mattress in Calgary – What’s Out There?When buying a mattress, you should make yourself aware of a few things, and maybe spend a little more time researching the mattress. A typical mattress can last 5-10 years, with some mattresses lasting longer than that, like our Empress Collection mattress that can pretty much last forever because of the replaceable pillow top. For a product that you spend nearly 1/3 or your life on, it truly does pay to be aware and informed. Your payment is in the form of being well rested and waking up feeling 100%

What is the biggest factor in buying a mattress in Calgary?

So there are a few things to keep in mind. We asked our customers, and the #1 factor is buying with confidence. What this means is don’t just buy a mattress for the sake of some sale. Most of these sales you see with up to 70% off are really just to catch your attention and generally not good value. The price is typically marked up an additional 100% (but we wont get into that today). Buying with confidence means that the store was able to answer all your questions, take time finding the right solution, and making sure that you will be taken care of with the best sale and after-sale support.

Here are a few mattress buying tips:

  1. If the staff member cant explain the details of the mattress or show you comparisons, you should ask for a mattress expert or shop somewhere else.
  2. If the staff member is pointing you at one mattress specifically, it is because they are being paid to, and not looking out for your best interest.
  3. You should spend at least 30 minutes trying different mattress options (after being consulted about what your sleeping preferences are). Remember, you spend 33% of your life on a mattress – enjoy it!
  4. Know the company’s policies. Ask questions such as:
    • What is your warranty like?
    • What is your return policy
    • Do you offer delivery and mattress recycling?
  5. See what customers are saying online – watch out for really negative reviews
  6. Make sure the mattress company is able to meet any custom requirements you have. If the staff member tries to sell you a “one-size fits all” mattress when you are interested in some customization, this is a bad business practice.

Different types of mattresses available

The most common mattresses in today’s market are made wholly or a combination of foams, springs, and latexes. Depending on where you go, your mattress can be completely customized to your preferences, and built from whatever you like. Additionally, our mattresses can even be customized on each side for you and your partner!

Some key points about different mattress materials

Spring mattresses: Made from spring material and are typically more soft, sometimes can have pillow top material added for extra comfort.

Foam mattresses: Made from foam and can be customized to provide different levels of comfort, generally better for someone seeking more support.

Latex mattresses: A premium mattress material, which can be soft or firm, depending on, the type of manufacturing process used. For those looking for a natural sleeping environment, latex is the best option.

Get details on our signature latex mattresses

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