Bed Pillows

Equally as important as your choice in mattress for a good night’s sleep is the right pillow. Your head and neck need proper support and comfort as much as your hips and back, so don’t forget this important sleep accessory.

We’ll work with you to find the best type of pillow for you and your sleep needs. We’ve had many years of experience and can help you find the right mattress and pillow combination for you, keeping in mind the position you sleep in and how much you think you move around while asleep.

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Sleep Boutique carries three different types of pillows:

Custom Wool PillowsCustom Vinyl PillowsCervical FoamLatex

custom wool pillowCustom Wool Pillow

Our custom wool pillows are unique in that they are adjustable. They come with an Organic Cotton zip cover, and inside there are multiple layers of carded wool. This unique design allows you to add or remove layers or Wool to get the perfect fit. Due to the natural characteristics of wool it helps you regulate temperature by absorbing and evaporating any moisture or perspiration. If you’re cold it will help keep you warm and if warm will help cool.

Wool Pillow Queen King
8 Layer $100 $110
10 Layer $110 $120
12 Layer $120 $130
7 Layer $69 $84
14 Layer $130 $140
16 Layer $140 $150

Custom Vinyl Pillow

For group homes and camps we can design and build either Dacron or Memory foam style pillow to your specifications with a Health Care vinyl cover to help with cleaning. Please Contact us for a custom quote.

Cervical Foam PillowCervical Foam Pillow

Cervical Foam pillows have been around for a long time. These pillows tend to be firmer than average as they don’t compress very much. They have to fit you correctly, but if they do, it can be the perfect solution.

Size Foam w/ Bamboo Cover w/ Vinyl Cover
Standard* $45 $85 $100

* Standard size: 20 x 26 in/50.8 x 66.04 cm

Talalay Latex PillowTalalay Latex Pillow

We carry high profile Talalay Latex pillows. These pillows have a great feel, with uplifting support and great pressure relief. They are simply luxurious, with great durability. Try one in our show room and see how it feels.

For those who enjoy a heavenly sleep, this soft latex pillow would make a perfect addition to any bedroom.

Size Dimensions Cost
Queen 20 x 30 inches
50.8 x 76.2 cm
King 20 x 36 inches
50.8 x 91.44 cm

Although we try to assure accuracy, prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Return Policy:
Due to health reasons, pillows cannot be returned.

Fast facts about cushions/pillows:

  • Side sleepers generally require a higher loft
  • Back sleepers tend to prefer an average loft
  • Stomach sleepers usually require very little loft