A Luxury Mattress That Will Make You Wake Up Feeling Fresh & Relaxed

by | May 7, 2015

Empress CollectionIntroducing the Empress Collection, where you will find luxury, design, comfort and support that you are worthy of. This mattress is made from the best materials making it a highly durable, long lasting mattress. Wake up tomorrow feeling recharged and to take on the day.

Spring Pocket Coil Technology – Second To None In Comfort

 A frequent misunderstanding of a spring mattress is that it does not provide you with the same comfort as a memory foam mattress; fortunately this is not the case with the spring pocket coil technology mattress. The Spring Pocket Coil mattress is found to be as comfortable as the highest quality foam mattress on the market. The pocket springs are individually encased coils that are pre-compressed. The individual casing allows each spring to perfectly support your body in any position by altering independently according to your body. Each spring is nested in a honeycomb pattern that minimizes spacing between coils, supporting more points of your body and making it more responsive.

The spring pocket coil technology mattress includes intense hand made labor, providing you the long lasting quality you require. While you are getting the quality you deserve with this mattress, you are also getting a far more affordable price than most mattresses. The spring coil technology mattress is found to last between 7-10 years, making it one of the longest lasting mattresses on the market today. You are truly getting the value of your money with this quality mattress.

Customize Your Luxury Mattress Sleep

If you’re looking for a luxury mattress that can be customized to match your sleeping preferences or further customized to match you and your sleeping partners preferences, the Empress Collection is your mattress. Choosing from either a Talalay or Organic Dunlop Latex material option, you can have the mattress different on each side or have one option for the entire mattress. Don’t stress about making the wrong decision, each side of the mattress can be changed out at anytime.

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The Empress Collection – A Quality Long Lasting Mattress

The Empress Collection mattress allows you to replace your top layers of the luxury mattress eliminating long time wear affects, such as big holes and divots, making this your number one long lasting mattress. The Empress Collection mattress is made from Bamboo Knit, which is one of nature’s most sustainable resources, making it antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, odor resistance and thermal regulating. It is highly durable and strong allowing it to be a very long lasting mattress.

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