Natural & Organic Crib Mattresses

by | Mar 7, 2015

Natural & Organic Crib MattressesProviding Your Infant With A Natural Sleeping Environment From Day 1


Sleep Boutique is proud to present our new Crib Mattress Collection – 100% organic and natural crib mattress options available that are hand-made locally with the best natural materials. Your baby will spend the majority of its early life in their crib and that is why we put extra care into our crib mattresses. Not to say we don’t do this in all our mattresses! Babies just deserve extra delicacy and care.


What makes locally made Crib Mattresses different from Big Box Stores?

Typically you can find better quality materials and the people selling you the mattress can tell or show you exactly what is in it. Generally materials will be sourced locally if available, and you can get a better quality mattress for your little one. Quite often more synthetic materials are used, and there can be unneeded fire retardants that don’t do anything. That is why we use baby-friendly organic and natural crib mattress materials here at Sleep Boutique.


Materials Found In Our Organic & Natural Crib Mattresses

When you select an organic & natural crib mattress from us, rest assured it will contain the safest materials for your baby. Our crib mattresses are safe in every environment and made with natural materials. We use Natural Coir (coconut husk infused with latex) and 100% Natural Organic Dunlop in our cribs. These are firm combinations to ensure your baby is sleeping safe and supportive.


Crib Mattress Covers Available


We have multiple cover combinations including an Organic cotton stretch knit, a Bamboo Polyester Knit quilted to wool and a high quality polyurethane vinyl for any leakage issues. We can also switch things up and do one side wool and one half vinyl.


Sleep Boutique can customize each crib mattress to any shape or size. Additionally, since we build all our mattresses right here in our very own custom mattress shop, we can even customize the materials to whatever your requirements are. There are also synthetic materials that are safe to put in the mattress for your baby.


Key Takeaway Points About Crib Mattresses

  • You can trust Sleep Boutique to provide you with a safe mattress for your baby
  • We have custom crib mattress options available for any requirements
  • Our organic & natural crib mattress options provide your baby with a natural sleeping environment


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