How Lack of Sleep can Affect Your Diet

by | Jul 15, 2016

How Lack of Sleep can Affect Your DietSurprising facts about sleep deprivation and eating disorders link weight gain to sleep. Researchers now have the evidence to support that sleep can hugely affect your diet. Here is a detailed overview.

Lack of Sleep can Trigger Weight Gain:

Although sleeplessness doesn’t make you feel hungry, it does make you tempted to reach for caffeine or a high-carb snack. The reason is you will need more energy when you feel sleepy at work, and to fulfill that you may find a sugary snack or a cup of coffee very helpful. Similarly, you may feel to skip cooking and opt for a takeout when you want to get back in your bed soon. In short, sleep deprivation can eventually sabotage your health and weight by adding pounds. 

Sleep Deprivation is Connected to Cravings:

Based on clinical studies by Mayo Clinic, it has been found out that the eating habits of people with insomnia are quite different from those who sleep adequately. Sleep deprivation often triggers their craving hormone and they end up eating more than 500 extra calories each day. If the habit persists, people with such sleep pattern and eating habits can gain more than a pound per week continuously. Such overeating response can make a person’s body leptin resistant with more production of ghrelin. 

 Eating More Comfort Food Due to Lack Of Sleep:

Most of the people accept the fact they rarely love eating healthy when late night hunger strikes. The truth is most of us really desire for high-sugar and high-fat foods when we crave for late night snacks. Study reports on sleep and eating disorders released from the University of Pennsylvania revealed that poor sleep increases a person’s craving for greasy and high-calorie food because their body feels the energy deprivation. 

Snacking often:

Although modern weight loss mantra is to eat snack size meals, sleep deprivation can lead to excessive snacking behavior. Plus, it can be difficult to adapt a healthier dietary lifestyle when you are sleep deprived. Thus, most people with poor sleep habits choose caffeine, fatty snacks and meals throughout their day. Eventually, such consumption habits typically lead to unwanted weight gain.

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