How a Good Night’s Sleep Can Enhance Your Athletic Performance

by | Oct 20, 2016

How a Good Night's Sleep Can Enhance Your Athletic PerformanceAthletes always spend time in training so that they can win. They work hard, follow a strict diet and give their body enough nutrition to stay fit and perform well in competitions. However, there is a simple thing that most of them often overlook. Getting enough sleep is as important as their athletic performance, hard work and diet. In fact, athletes who go to bed early and allow their body to enjoy optimal sleep often see a drastic improvement in their speed, accuracy and reaction time during the competitions.

How Sleep can Affect an Athlete’s Performance?

Popular sports nutritionists and exercise physiologists claim that athletes who follow a short sleep routine cannot perform well. That’s because their body gets very minimal time to repair and replenish. Therefore, sleep time is very important for an athlete. Studies conducted on athletes for several months also reveal that players have an increased speed by 5 percent when they follow a strict sleep schedule. Not getting enough sleep doesn’t just make the player feel tired and lethargic; it has a big impact on their body too. With adequate sleep, they always have faster reflexes and happy feel. 

Sleep tips that every athlete should follow:


Getting enough sleep is a must:

A lot of things become a priority for the players and get in their way. They often have to change schedule to travel, practice early in the morning and play games late in the evening. Stress is common among the athletes too. However, players should give their sleep schedule equal importance as their practice and training in order to give their body enough rest and feel recharged after every goodnight’s sleep. 

Follow a Strict Sleep Routine:

For every athlete, it is important to follow a strict sleep routine. Try going to bed and get up at the same time every day. Even if you travel, follow the same routine. 

Avoid Sleep Medication:

Because an athlete’s lifestyle is very stressful, he or she often reaches out for sleep medication to avoid sleeplessness . Unless a doctor prescribes any medication, don’t take any sleep medications because it may affect the quality of your sleep and performance the next day. 

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