How can a healthy sleep heal your body?

by | Feb 13, 2016

How can a healthy sleep heal your body?The human body has an amazing self-healing power that takes place without any conscious involvement of any vital organs. In short, healing yourself is automatic, and it mostly happens during sleep. New research on sleep reveals that sleep is a master regulator of health. A good night’s sleep can help you attain better health, a calm mind, and a healthy immune system.

Healthy sleep means a quality mattress

A good-quality mattress is very important when it comes to your nighttime relaxation. Studies claim that a firm and supportive mattress helps a person in sleeping more easily and restfully. Support can be great, but ensure you have some comfort (softeness in the surface)to ensure your body can relax. Creating the right sleep environment for your sleep starts with the selection of a quality mattress that fits your body.

Try a mattress that’s natural and breathable

If sleeping warm is an issue, try a mattress made with natural and Organic materials as they offer a cool, comfortable and breathable feel. For instance a soft 100 percent organic Dunlop latex topper can offer you an enjoyable and pressure-relieving sleep and is extremely breathable. Also look for natural fibres in the fabrics such as wool quilting, as this helps with the bodies temperature regulation. While looking for mattresses, try ones made with organic latex, and see if they are right for you.

Build a custom mattress that’s perfect for you

A custom-made mattress can be designed to suit your personal preference and needs. Top mattress retailers in Calgary offer custom mattresses tailored specifically to each client’s personal needs and comfort levels. Each handcrafted mattress is made with the highest quality latex, wool, springs, cotton and foam, and can include luxury mattress toppers. Selections include both inner spring coil and latex options, so you can find the right mattress for you. Another options is a custom-made tight top mattress is built on both the sides so that customers can flip the mattress for a longer usage.

Improve your posture and eliminate back pain with better support

Researchers claim that many working adults face the problems of lower back pain because of their sleeping postures and the mattress. If your mattress is very soft, it will not adequately support your body while sleeping. Generally if you any part of spine is supported in anyone area, it can cause discomfort and disruption of sleep. Custom mattresses can be designed to support your body perfectly during sleep, and if you find the right store in can less than major retailers. On some Calgary custom mattress models you can change the level of firmness you want with modular configuration.

Next time when you decide to change your mattress for a healthy sleep, consider the above listed pointers while selecting the mattress.

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