Enjoy The Comfort Of a Custom RV Mattress While Traveling

by | Nov 24, 2016

Chi Foam Mattress CollectionMost people just pick a mattress for their RV without checking the size, comfort level and mattress fill. Because a number of stores now carry a range of RV mattresses , finding one for your RV is not a difficult task. However, your comfort level in your RV while sleeping depends on the mattress you choose. Therefore, selecting the right mattress for your RV should be done carefully and wisely.

Finding The Right Size of Mattress:

Before you order the mattress , you should figure out what size of mattress you need for your RV. You can measure the mattress size manually by taking the dimensions of the surface the mattress rests on. Every RV has a designated place where you will place the mattress.

Select The Right Type of RV Mattress:

It is common to get overwhelmed with the vast choice of mattress types available in the market. Some of the most popular varieties of mattresses available for your RV include foam, pocket coil and latex mattresses. Some mattress stores now also offer custom mattress options and air mattresses too. 

Popular Types of RV Mattresses:


One of the most common mattress type for RV is the foam mattress. Most of these mattresses are five to six inches in thickness and have a denser body due to the packed foam. Some of these mattresses also include a cooling layer of gel memory foam for the best contouring effect.


Latex based mattresses are excellent options for those who want a comfortable, supportive and hypoallergenic mattress. These are naturally breathable mattresses that feature a contouring effect by offering the best support to your back, upper shoulder and lower body while sleeping.

Air Mattress: 

Air mattresses are another high-end choice of custom RV mattress for your RV if price is not a concern for you. The price range for these mattresses is from $1100 to $2000.

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