Can a mattress topper increase your mattresses lifespan?

by | Jul 1, 2015

Can a mattress topper increase your mattresses lifespan?Considering buying mattress topper in Calgary, AB but wondering if it is worth the cost?

Allow us to help you in deciding whether buying a mattress topper for your mattress will increase your mattresses lifespan


A mattress topper is also called mattress protector, mattress pad, or underpad – it is a piece of removable bedding that sits on top of a mattress that provides protection to the mattress from allergens such as bed bugs, dandruff, mold, dead skin, dust mites, etc. The surface of your bed can generally be cleaned with a vacuum but it is very difficult to completely remove stains and allergens from the mattress. A mattress that does not have a mattress topper can become quite stained and dirty rather quickly from natural perspiration that is produced throughout the night. A mattress can develop contaminations that can become harmful to our bodies this is why it is recommended to buy a mattress topper in Calgary. Different types of Calgary mattress toppers are available – choose from topper materials including individual and combinations of Talalay Latex, 5lb Memory foam, Memory Gel foam and Poly foam in our Calgary mattress store.

Mattress toppers are recommended often especially to those that are known to have allergies that can be enhanced by dust mites. Dust mites can actually irritate person’s airways and lungs and can bring on allergic reactions such as asthma and can even cause eczema. With a mattress topper from Calgary, you are able to throw the mattress pad into the laundry and have a fresh mattress topper with ease.

It is recommended to flip your mattress every so often to reduce sagging– well a mattress topper will give you the support and comfort to help reduce the sagging, mattress contamination, and stains in you’re mattress very easily. A mattress isn’t a small purchase that you make frequently – make it last, buy a mattress topper in Calgary. The cost of a Calgary mattress topper is anywhere from $50-$200, it’s worth the purchase to increase your mattresses lifespan.

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