How to Find the Right Type of Crib Mattress for Your Infant

by | Dec 15, 2016

Give Your Infant the Most Comfort with a Custom Crib Mattress

How to Find the Right Type of Crib Mattress for Your InfantGetting ready for the big day to welcome your new bundle of joy home is an exciting time! While there are so many things to remember to do, especially at the last minute, one thing to not put off is getting the right crib mattress for your infant. While there are many different types of crib mattresses, you will have to determine what’s best for you and your budget. Here are just a few examples to help you find the perfect mattress for your little one.

Consider Earth-Friendly Crib Mattress Options

If you’re an earth conscious family, the mattress you and your little one sleep on should also be planet-friendly. A sustainable lifestyle starts with having a toxin-free environment throughout your home, including the bedroom. With millions of mattresses ending up in landfills annually, the waste really piles up. Choose a mattress that has a low-impact on the environment and is designed with comfort in mind. Choosing a custom crib mattress that is non-toxic, organic and natural is also less wasteful and harmful toward the environment.

Choose a Crib Mattress Made from Natural Materials

A custom, chemical-free custom mattress makes the air your baby breathes safer than a traditional mattress. This will improve your child’s overall health and quality of comfort. A quality crib mattress made from natural materials without added chemical sprays and additives are best for newborns and young children.

Custom Sizing to Meet Your Crib Mattress Needs

Was your little one born prematurely? Or maybe he was a little bigger than you expected? If so, he may benefit from a custom crib mattress. Just as much as a stroller and car seat need to fit your child properly, so should his mattress.  Custom mattress sizing will ensure that your child can be comfortable now and as he grows. No child is the same size as the next one, and his mattress shouldn’t be either.

Choose Total Comfort in A Custom Crib Mattress

While your newborn can’t verbally complain to you that he is uncomfortable, he can show it on other ways.

  • Crying when you lay him down
  • Frequent colic throughout the day and night
  • Indigestion symptoms
  • More relaxed and comfortable when being held than being in his crib

All of these may be signs that he is sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. Switching to an organic Dunlop latex type mattress can make a complete difference. Latex offers a comfortable core that is also breathable and flexible, adapting to your child’s body temperature, lending to a more comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

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