What mattress is the best for cool sleep?

by | May 21, 2015

Cool MattressDo you find yourself overheating at night causing you to wake up and not get the sleep you need? This can be very frustrating especially with the hot summer heading our way. Fortunately, by assessing your mattress you could discover the solution to this dreadful problem. Let us help you get a cooler sleep today so that you can feel refreshed and recharged for a better tomorrow.

Choosing a mattress that allows you to have a cool sleep

If you are a cool sleeper you generally want to stay away from memory foam mattresses, as these mattresses tend to hold in body heat more than others. We advise you to steer more towards natural fiber mattresses that tend to have more airflow such as cotton, wool or latex mattresses. It is also more beneficial to stay away from softer mattresses, which cause you to sink into the mattress, having it wrap around your body and trap in the heat. We suggest choosing a firmer mattress such as a spring mattress that allows your body to sleep on top of the surface rather than sinking into it. A mattress topper might be a solution to your overheating as well, our latex mattress toppers can give you a cool night sleep while protecting your existing mattress and is very affordable.

Cool RV mattresses for the summer

We have all experienced Calgary’s fluctuating weather cycles, which make it hard to plan your weekend. To head out camping or not this weekend seems to be a common question we ask ourselves. With our large choice of RV Mattresses there is no question to pack up the RV and head out for a great weekend. No one wants to endure overheating at night in there home; Sleep Boutique doesn’t want you to endure this torture during your camping trip either. Try one of our RV trailer mattresses that adjust to your body heat! With the Cool Blue mattress you are getting both the comfort and cool temperature you desire! This mattress has phase change materials which allows you to be nor too cold or too hot during the night, which is perfect for your camping retreat whether it be a freezing or scorching camping night. Get a good nights sleep out at the great outdoors no matter the temperatures.

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