Comparing the Best Sleeping Positions for Your Body Posture

by | Sep 23, 2016

Comparing the Best Sleeping Positions for Your Body PostureDo you know that sleeping positions can improve your sleep quality significantly? Although most of us ignore the facts about sleeping positions, the truth is best sleeping positions can make your sleep even better. Wrong sleep postures, on the other hand, can lead to sleeplessness, back pain, neck stiffness and even many other sleep related problems. Studies also reveal the facts that sleep positions can play an important role in snoring, a person’s health, heartburn and even skin. Here are some expert tips of best sleeping positions for your body posture.

Why Sound Sleep is so Important?

Getting a good night’s sleep will not only help your body to relax, but it is also pivotal for our health. It will revitalize your body, mind, and even your mood. Sleep difficulty can deteriorate your health, hunger and eating style, and even lifestyle. Prolonged sleeplessness can cause a number of health problems too. People with insomnia can also develop high blood sugar, lethargy and digestion problems. Undoubtedly, getting enough sleep is as important as getting adequate nutrition.

Best Sleeping Positions:

Eighty percent of the population who develop back and neck problems often times caused due to bad sleeping positions. Many orthopedic experts have claimed that good sleeping positions can optimize your hours of sleep. Here is a brief overview. 

Back Sleeping Position:

One of the best positions for sleeping is on our back. This position aligns our spine, keeps our head, neck and backbone in their neutral position and exerts minimal pressure on our curves. In that way, you can avoid pressure points too. 

The Starfish Position:

If you have back problem, then this position is good for you too. Although you will sleep on your back in this position too, your head will be slightly elevated. That will allow your stomach to sit below the esophagus and help you avoid snoring. 

Sleeping On Your Side:

Sleeping on your side is highly recommended for people with leg, neck and back pain. Even women are advised to sleep on their side during pregnancy too. This position helps in better breathing by opening up the crowded propharynx. Because this position supports spine by elongating it in a natural way, it helps people with back pain.

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