Choosing the Right Foam Mattress Firmness

by | Jan 1, 2018

Improve Your Sleep Experience with a Natural Latex MattressComparing firmness levels on foam mattresses can be a bit challenging, but it’s an important part of finding a mattress with the right support. Your mattress should gently hold your body so that your spine remains in proper alignment during the night. Here is some information about choosing the right foam mattress firmness for proper support.

What is Foam Mattress Firmness?

Firmness measures how much a custom mattress gives under force. A soft mattress compresses easily while a firm mattress takes more weight to compress. There isn’t a set standard for what qualifies as soft or firm, but the way a mattress is labelled is a good starting place. The most important thing though is how it feels to you, so test out a foam mattress before buying it.

The Density of a Custom Mattress

Density isn’t the same as firmness, but it does change how a mattress feels. Denser foam feels more firm at first but then conforms better to your body. Lower-density foam may feel softer at first, but usually is less comfortable overall. Again, it’s important to try out a mattress, so test it for at least 10 to 15 minutes at the mattress store to give it a chance to adjust to your body.

Soft Mattresses versus Firm Mattresses at Mattress Stores

A soft or firm custom mattress is largely a matter of preference and what feels the best to you. But here are some common preferences:

  • Soft tends to be ideal for side sleepers
  • Medium tends to be the most popular
  • Firm tends to provide the most support for back and stomach sleepers

Use this information to help you determine which firmness to try, then head to a mattress store to find the mattress that’s right for you.

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