How to choose the best mattress for bad back pain

by | Apr 11, 2015

How to choose the best mattress for bad back painYour day can be stressful between work, family, and the 99 other things that are generally going on. The purpose of a good night’s sleep is to really just get a good sleep. At Sleep Boutique, we want everyone to wake up feeling rejuvenated and relaxed so that you can give everyday your 100% best. However, if you are suffering from back pain problems, that can be difficult. So how does someone decide which mattress is the best for bad back pain?


Sleeping on the wrong mattress can simply make back pain much worse. Typically, if your back gives you trouble sleeping; the best mattress for bad back pain is one that supports your body with the right alignment. Generally it will have to be more supportive (firmer) deeper down, but you need some softness and comfort in the layers above. This will reinforce proper sleeping posture by supporting the natural curves and alignment of the spine.


Picking Your Mattress

On the whole, unfortunately there is no mattress that is the best for back pain. The right thing to do is shop at a Calgary mattress store which will educate you on the different types of comfort and support levels, as well as materials in mattresses. More importantly, visit a custom mattress store that can build you the perfect mattress to make sure you get the perfect support for back pain or any other types of pain.


Sleep Boutique’s Mattresses For Bad Backs

Here you will find the process in which a Sleep Boutique representative will help you find the mattress that’s best for you:

  1. We ask questions about your existing pain (lower back, rib, upper back)
  2. We get further details about what kind of sleeper you are (side, stomach, back)
  3. We then ask you what comfort level you prefer (firm, soft, pillow)
  4. We ask about your material preference (latex, foam, spring)
  5. We then insist you try the mattresses in our showroom to get a real feel
  6. Lastly, we provide you with the industry’s best warranty and exchange policies to make sure you get a lasting sleep on your new mattress for bad back pain!

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