How Do Box Springs Extend the Life of Your Mattress?

by | May 6, 2016

How Do Box Springs Extend the Life of Your Mattress?Box springs are also called mattress foundations since they act as a support system for the mattress. It is true that the life of your mattress will be extended when you use good quality mattress box springs. The box springs provide ultimate support and stability to your mattress. Because the box springs carry the weight and stress imposed on your mattress daily, it will help to improve the longevity and life of your mattress. Here is a brief overview and a few tips for all those looking forward to purchase new box springs or foundations.

Will Using Box Springs Extend Your Mattress Life?

Well-made wooden box springs offer extensive support to your mattress. The box springs feature a non-flexible design that acts as a shock absorber. The extra support from the box springs reduces wear and tear on your mattress and also provides the bounce to your bed. Due to this feature, your mattress will sag more slowly and will last for a longer period of time. If your mattress needs extra support, greater flexibility and bounce, then choosing a box spring is highly recommended. After all, box springs not only provide flexible support to your mattress, but it also maximizes your comfort and the longevity of your mattress life. 

Selecting the Size of Your Box Spring

It is important to pick the box spring based on your mattress size. Keep in mind that the box spring should be of the same width and length as your mattress. Buying a bigger or smaller size of box spring will not adequately support your mattress the way it should

Styles of Box Springs

Choose the one with natural fiber and an ergonomic design. Select the box spring with natural fillers, densely packed coils and a smooth cover. You will find wide choices available in the market. Check all the available varieties before selecting one for your home.

Choosing the Box Spring Height

It is best to select a mattress box spring that is nine inches in height. However, you can also choose a five-inch box spring if it best suits your needs. Combine the box spring with a good mattress and a quality mattress topper for a comfortable and restful sleep.

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